Hot tubs in Ottawa are a great way to relax and enjoy fantastic health benefits.

10 Fun Facts About Hot Tubs

Discover The History Of Hot Tubs And Other Fun Facts Hot tubs are relaxing, fun, and a great way to warm up in the cold winter months. They’ve also been used a lot longer than you might think. Hot tubs have been around in one form or another for thousands of years thanks to their […]

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Swimming pool safety covers can help protect your pool from harsh winter weather.

Winterize With Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Should You Cover Or Drain Your Above-Ground Pool In An Ottawa Winter? Save yourself time and money in the spring by properly winterizing your above-ground pool as the season change in Ottawa. Harsh winters carry the risk of serious damage to any pool in the event of freezing water. When it comes to winterizing an […]

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Hot tubs in Ottawa can be installed on balconies, or even indoors.

Hot Tubs In Tight Spaces

Hot Tubs In Ottawa Don’t Have To Be Exclusive To The Backyard A hot tub might be high on your wish list, and you may feel like it’s little more than a dream—maybe you don’t have much of a backyard to begin with, or it’s already packed enough as is—there’s no way you have enough […]

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On ground pools are often the safest option, especially with swimming pool safety covers.

Safety For On-Ground Pools

Why On-Ground Pools With Swimming Pool Safety Covers Are The Safest Type Of Pool Having a safe pool means that there’s no risk of anyone falling in if left unsupervised. Although there are swimming pool safety covers to make all pools safer, on-ground pools are the safest when the safety cover is used. The following […]

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Hot tubs in Ottawa need a few considerations during installation.

Rest and Relaxation With Ottawa Hot Tubs

Tips For Preparing Your Yard for Hot Tub Installation Although it might be hard to believe, the warm weather won’t last as September rolls by. Cool nights are becoming more and more common in Ottawa, hot tub relaxation at the end of a long day is sure to be more and more appealing to the city’s […]

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Salt water swimming pools are becoming more common for Ottawa pool owners - here's why.

Salt Water Pools: A Low-Maintenance Alternative

How Are Salt-Water Pools Low-Maintenance? As summer wraps up, many pool owners are secretly relieved. Pools are a great way to stay active and cool during the warmer months, but at what cost? While that may sound dramatic, those who own a chlorine-filled swimming pool understand the high maintenance upkeep that comes with it. Having […]

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Hot tubs in Ottawa require regular maintenance - here are a few terms you should know.

Hot Tub Dictionary

Helpful Terms In Hot Tub Maintenance If you’re thinking of getting a hot tub in Ottawa, it’s important to know the basic information to maintain a clean, well-working hot tub. Ottawa hot tub experts can also teach you everything you need to know about hot tub care. Below are a few common terms and definitions […]

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Pool season in Ottawa doesn't have to stop when you want to save water.

Enjoy Your Pool, Save Water

Water Saving Strategies For Your Hot Tub or Pool Water is one of Canada’s most valuable resources. Clean, fresh water is quickly diminishing around the world, making Canada a beacon of hope during these dry times. At this point in time, Canada still has a stable amount of fresh water to go around, so we […]

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On ground pools are a great solution for summer swimming

The On Ground Pools Option

How An On Ground Pool Can Be Your Summer Swimming Solution With the summer heat bearing down on us in earnest, you’re likely thinking more and more of the benefits of having a pool. Ideally, you’d like one that costs less than an inground pool, but still has all the nice style and safety features […]

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Swimming pool safety covers let you focus on enjoying your pool

Protection You Can Trust

Swimming Pool Safety Covers Add Security And Make Maintenace Easy There’s nothing like jumping in the pool on a hot summer day. Swimming pools are meant for fun and relaxation, but they can also cause stress if you don’t take the right precautions. Worrying about a  child falling in the pool when you’re not around is […]

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