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The Great Chlorine Debate

Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Salt Water Swimming Pool While Canada is known for harsh and bitter winters, we know that our summer weather can be just as extreme. As much as it’s important to stay warm in winters, Ottawa residents know how it is important to stay cool throughout the summer […]

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semi-inground pool

Semi-Inground Versus Inground Pools

How a Semi-Inground Pool is the Perfect Fit for Your Backyard A pool is a great item to add to your outdoor space. It can increase your property’s value, add a focal point to your outdoor space, and allow you to make the most of summer. Not many homeowners realize that they have three style […]

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Tips to Help Hot Tubs in Ottawa Last

How to Care for and Maintain Your Hot Tub Buying a hot tub may be an investment, but it’s one that can certainly pay off in terms of relaxation and added value to your home. But, as with any investment, buyers often want to know how long it will last – and whether or not […]

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Find the Right Safety Cover for Your Pool

No Matter Your Needs, There’s a Swimming Pool Safety Cover for You Swimming pool safety covers are a must have for any pool, in any climate. There are many reasons why a pool cover is necessary, including safety, protection, cleanliness, and warmth. In addition to this, every pool owner should have a cover in order […]

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Mitigating Swimming Pool Repairs

5 Essential Ottawa Spring Maintenance Tips to Reduce Future Swimming Pool Repairs Now that the snow has melted, the sun is shining, and you can start to feel the promise of hot summer days it’s time for some spring maintenance. Properly caring for your pool whether, it’s above or inground, will help you make the […]

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Essential Swimming Pool Equipment for Spring

The Pool Is Open—But Do You Have the Right Equipment? Opening your pool is just one step towards making it ready for a great spring and summer. Pool ownership comes with responsibilities, and there’s a right tool for every task involved in carrying out those responsibilities. Like a carpenter, having the right tools—and knowing that […]

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Most Common Types of Swimming Pool Repairs Seen in Ottawa

Cold Canadian winters may make repairs to your Ottawa swimming pool unique Swimming pools are a great addition to any home; they make it possible for you and your loved ones to enjoy hours of fun and relaxation during warmer months. But of course, they need to be cared for and sometimes you have to […]

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Must-Have Accessories for Hot Tubs in Ottawa

From Keeping Clean to Keeping Covered, These Are the Accessories You Need What’s better than owning a hot tub in Ottawa? Being able to deck out your tub with the best accessories—ones that truly enhance the experience—sure is a good feeling! From tools to help keep it clean and in good shape, to safety features […]

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Which Swimming Pool Safety Cover Is Right for You?

Picking between Solid and Mesh Swimming Pool Covers Doesn’t Need to Be a Headache Of all the accessories that help you maintain your pool, there might be none more essential than the cover. Swimming pool safety covers perform a number of important functions all at once; they keep your pool clean of dirt and debris […]

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Avoiding Costly Seasonal Swimming Pool Repairs

Proper Winter Care and Maintenance is the Key to Dodging Swimming Pool Repairs in Ottawa Swimming pools are great investments. The freedom to enjoy nice, cool water in your own backyard whenever you want is absolutely priceless—and good thing too, since pool ownership is expensive! There is maintenance, chemicals, parts, covers, accessories, and more to […]

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