Salt Water Swimming Pools in Ottawa and the World!

The benefits of swimming in salt water have been known for centuries, and luckily, salt water swimming pools in Ottawa are now becoming increasingly popular with homeowners and their friends alike! If you are considering constructing a new pool in your backyard, or simply know it is time to convert your chlorination to a salt […]

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Experience Safety and Enjoyment with Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Most people will tell you that they have no regrets getting an above ground pool. They are relatively easy to assemble, install and maintain. They will bring hours of enjoyment for your family and neighbours during sunny summer days. The delights of your backyard blue aqua oasis are as close to the tropics as you […]

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Tips for Winter Hot Tub Maintenance

These days if you have a hot tub in Ottawa, it’s probably getting a good amount of use. We’ve had one of the coldest winters in history and in my personal opinion, there’s no better time to use a hot tub in Ottawa than on those deathly cold winter nights. If you’ve got an active […]

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Saltwater Swimming Pools Are Healthier, In More Ways Than One

It used to be that saltwater pools were a rare exception reserved for high-end spa treatments to relax, rebalance, and rejuvenate in comfort and luxury. However, these days saltwater swimming pools in Ottawa are becoming an increasingly popular option for an at home swimming pool treatment. The great thing is that many pool installation companies […]

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The Importance of Owning a Swimming Pool Safety Cover

Every summer the swimming pool safety covers come off and happy people enjoy the refreshing sensation of going for a swim, however, the flipside to this picture is that, every year, an unfortunate and preventable drowning makes the news.  These often occur in locations where there are no gates to keep children back from accessing […]

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What Swimming Pool Safety Covers Are and Why Every Pool Should Have One

Although warm temperatures may be difficult to think about right now, they will soon be on their way back and there’s no doubt that the perfect accessory to those hot and sticky days is a pool. While pools may be a fun way to refresh, having a pool does require some commitment and responsibility. Regular […]

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Things to Know About Moving Hot Tubs in Ottawa

When buying hot tubs in Ottawa, we aren’t necessarily thinking about moving it in the future. In fact, many people don’t know that a hot tub can be moved at all. Why should I move my hot tub? The reasons behind why hot tubs in Ottawa are moved are because the house has been sold, […]

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Salt water swimming pools Ottawa

Salt Water Swimming Pool Equipment 101: Everything You Need To Know

Salt water swimming pools in Ottawa are becoming an increasingly popular and fun choice for home owners who have discovered the benefits of naturally chlorinating their pool. Indeed, even one quick dip in a salt water pool has convinced the most infrequent swimmer: it’s refreshing, it leaves skin and hair feeling smoother, and it even […]

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hot tub ottawa

Can You Use Your Hot Tub In Winter?

Canadians are used to long, cold winters. We’ve gotten used to dealing with the snow, embracing the short days and fighting the harsh winds, especially in Ottawa. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a warmer winter experience to look forward to? Well there is one thing that could make for more bearable winters in […]

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swimming pool repairs Ottawa

Swimming Pool Repairs: How To Avoid Damage

However, every pool needs regular and consistent maintenance to stay in good operating shape. Failure to maintain your pool can lead to costly repairs or even a full replacement. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot of hard work to keep your pool in tip top shape. Mostly, it’s about making sure your pool is always […]

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