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semi-inground pool

Semi-Inground Versus Inground Pools

How a Semi-Inground Pool is the Perfect Fit for Your Backyard

A pool is a great item to add to your outdoor space. It can increase your property’s value, add a focal point to your outdoor space, and allow you to make the most of summer. Not many homeowners realize that they have three style options to choose from when it comes to pools. These styles are as follows: the ingound pool, the aboveground pool, and the semi-inground pool. A semi-inground pool is only partly buried in the ground, and is an option not many consider when deciding on a pool for their yard. Here are some top considerations that may make a semi-inground pool the right choice for you:


The biggest factor in any home renovation or improvement project is budget. Having an inground pool installed is normally in the range of $35,000 to $50,000, depending on the size and design of the pool. A semi-inground pool is much more affordable, with the average price ranging from $16,000 to $22,000. One of the main reasons the inground pool costs more is because more concrete is required. A semi-inground pool comfortably fits in your budget so you have room for other improvements to your yard, such as building a deck or installing beautiful patio stones around the pool area.


When it comes to the design of your pool, you have a lot more flexibility when you choose one that is semi-inground. This pool style is available in all the same shapes and sizes as an inground pool, and it also offers you more options for the pool’s location and surrounding design. Some accessories you can install in your semi-inground pool include underwater lighting, pattered liners, steps or ladders, a progression floor, and much more! There are more restrictions with the area surrounding an inground pool because of the walkway space required for around the pool’s edge. Installing a semi-inground gives you more freedom in creating a space that matches your design style!


You also have the option of adjusting the height of your semi-inground pool to meet with your patio or deck in your backyard—something that cannot be done with a pool that is fully inground. If your yard is sloped, a semi-inground pool can be easily installed without building a retaining wall or changing the grading of your yard. Retaining walls are often needed for ingound pools and significantly increase the cost of installation.

If you are planning on installing a pool in your yard, make sure you consider all your option, including the semi-inground pool. Remember that inground pools come at a higher price and may not suit your backyard. Once you have your new pool, we are sure you will enjoy splashing the summers away in your new pool!