Get your pool winterized with swimming pool safety covers.

Swimming Pool Covers for the Off-Season

From Swimming Pool Safety Covers to Winter Covers, Here’s a Look at the Best Type for Covers Your Pool in the Off-Season To keep out leaves, debris, and other unwanted objects, pools need covers when they are not in use. Covers are especially important during the winter. How well you protect your pool during the […]

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Swimming pool equipment can make a big difference between a frustrating mess and a clean, ready-to-use pool.

Swimming Pool Equipment You Need for Easy Pool Maintenance

A Look at The Most Common Equipment and Items Used for DIY Pool Cleaning and Maintenance To keep your pool clean and ready to use all summer long, it’s useful to have essential swimming pool equipment on hand. From cleaning leaves and debris out of the water to making sure your water is balanced and […]

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Essential Swimming Pool Equipment for Spring

The Pool Is Open—But Do You Have the Right Equipment? Opening your pool is just one step towards making it ready for a great spring and summer. Pool ownership comes with responsibilities, and there’s a right tool for every task involved in carrying out those responsibilities. Like a carpenter, having the right tools—and knowing that […]

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Swimming Pool Equipment For A Safer Summer

Have YOU Looked Into These Swimming Pool Repairs, Ottawa? If conversation around the water cooler is anything to go by, residents of the National Capital Region have found this summer to be more wet than usual due to the high amounts of rain rather than the time spent in their pool. Curiously, this summer has […]

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Your Swimming Pool Equipment Can Help you Throw a Great Pool Party

Follow these tips to expertly entertain your guests, and avoid potential swimming pool repairs in Ottawa The first signs of summer are finally upon us, and temperatures are steadily rising. It’s prime time for pool parties, and lucky for you and your family, you had a beautiful swimming pool installed last summer. You’ve purchased all […]

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A Pool for All Seasons: Pools and Hot Tubs in Ottawa

As Canadians we live with extreme weather conditions, but we’ve learned how to combat the freezing winters and blistering summers: water. I’m not talking about taking a bubble bath; I’m talking about pools and hot tubs. Getting into a steamy hot tub after a hard day’s work is a great way to relax those sore […]

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The Benefits of Swimming Pool Safety Covers

When it comes to swimming pool equipment, your goal should always be “safety first.” As a pool owner, you owe it to your family, friends and neighbours to keep everything in and around the pool safe and sound. Swimming pool safety covers are an important piece of swimming pool equipment, since a proper cover helps […]

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Salt water swimming pools Ottawa

Salt Water Swimming Pool Equipment 101: Everything You Need To Know

Salt water swimming pools in Ottawa are becoming an increasingly popular and fun choice for home owners who have discovered the benefits of naturally chlorinating their pool. Indeed, even one quick dip in a salt water pool has convinced the most infrequent swimmer: it’s refreshing, it leaves skin and hair feeling smoother, and it even […]

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Create an Oasis in Your Backyard

Admit it, everyone has days where they want to escape from the outside world. And as appealing as going out with friends’ sounds, sometimes staying at home and having a little quality time alone is the best idea. You might be thinking it’s easier to go to a spa or recreation centre to relax or […]

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Swimming Pool Equipment Must Haves This Summer

We’re in pool season and having the right swimming pool equipment is essential in providing a clean and comfortable blue oasis for you and your family this summer. There are many different things you should consider buying when owning or purchasing a pool because having the proper equipment will make it easier to enjoy and […]

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