close up of inground pool vinyl liner with bubbles

Top Considerations for Choosing a Vinyl Inground Pool Liner

With So Many Options to Choose from, Here are Tips for Finding the Best Liner for You and Your Pool When choosing a vinyl pool liner, the possibilities are truly endless. From colour and pattern to texture and thickness, you have the opportunity to customize your pool liner to your specific tastes. But how do […]

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tanned man floats in his new pool wearing sunglasses

How to Make Your Swimming Pool Dreams a Reality with Pool Financing

A Guide to Pool Financing, How It Works, and What Options are Available Many homeowners dream of having a swimming pool to stay cool during the summer months and get in some low-impact exercise. But what if you don’t have all the required funds to pay for your dream pool upfront? This is where pool […]

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woman in yellow bathing suit floats on a pool floaty in a vinyl-lined pool

Benefits of Vinyl-Lined Inground Swimming Pools

A Look at the Benefits of Choosing a Vinyl-Lined Pool Over Concrete or Fibreglass When building a new in-ground pool for your backyard, you have tons of options to choose from, which means making important decisions can be difficult without the proper knowledge. Concrete, fibreglass, and vinyl-lined pools all have their advantages. But when it […]

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blonde woman wearing red bikini sits in hot tub with a beverage

The Economical Way to Run a Hot Tub

How to Lower Running Costs for a Hot Tub This Winter One of the joys of having a hot tub at home is the ability to use it year-round, especially on cold winter nights under a blanket of stars. But despite only using your hot tub sporadically throughout the cooler seasons, there’s still a risk […]

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Woman with dark hair sits at the edge of a hot tub looking down

Skincare Tips for Hot Tub Users

Tips to Prevent Skin Irritation from Hot Tub Usage Many hot tub users complain about having dry skin after a soak in the hot tub. The reason for this is that the combination of hot tub sanitizers and hot water can reduce the oil and affect the pH balance of your skin which can result […]

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four people sit in a hot tub outdoors

Winter Hot Tub Dos and Don’ts

A Guide to Safely Use an Outdoor Hot Tub in Winter While hot tubs can be enjoyed year-round, nothing beats a soak in the middle of winter. But using a hot tub in winter comes with some extra precautions to protect the hot tub and have a safe soak. So to keep your hot tub […]

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steaming hot tub with snow and trees in the backdrop

Winter Hot Tub Benefits

A Look at the Many Benefits of Using an Outdoor Hot Tub in Winter As the summer comes to an end, only one thing comes to mind—cold weather. So what better way to make it through this frigid season than by heating things up outside? Instead of closing your hot tub for winter, you can […]

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