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My Own Personal Spa in Ottawa: Salt Water Swimming Pools

I discovered the health benefits of making an appointment each weekend between myself and the pool I had begun referring to as “my own personal spa” many years ago. Since I lived in downtown Ottawa and had many friends with their own pool, I had many inground swimming pools in Ottawa to choose from. However, […]

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Above Ground Pools In Ottawa: The Importance Of Properly Winterizing Your Pool

Having a pool is a luxury in life that comes with a lot of responsibility. A pool is a great attribute to your property and your social life. But, without proper upkeep it can quickly become costly. Like any Canadian, the people of Ottawa have to endure the harsh winter months. Those cold winter days […]

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Winter Maintenance For Hot Tubs In Ottawa

Winter is right around the corner and whether you’re ready for it or not, the snow, cold and endless hours of shoveling are on their way. Nostalgic memories of summers past will have you wishing you could sit back and relax by the pool and enjoy the warm breeze after a long day of trekking […]

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Ways to winterize your pool and when to start

  Swimming pool repair businesses in Ottawa know there are always a few die-hard customers who keep their pools open in case of a warm spell in late September or even early October. They might actually be onto something. Does anyone remember the unseasonable mid-twenties temperatures last Thanksgiving weekend? Unusual weather aside, most people close […]

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Create an Oasis in Your Backyard

Admit it, everyone has days where they want to escape from the outside world. And as appealing as going out with friends’ sounds, sometimes staying at home and having a little quality time alone is the best idea. You might be thinking it’s easier to go to a spa or recreation centre to relax or […]

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Common Questions on Salt Water Swimming Pools in Ottawa

    Salt water swimming pools in Ottawa are not only confined to municipal installations or luxury hotels: homeowners like you are increasingly enquiring about the benefits of installing a salt-water pool in their backyard. Many who try swimming in a salt water pool, even only once, report an increased smoothness to the water, and […]

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Making A Splash Over Semi-Inground Swimming Pools In Ottawa

Why go to beach in the summer when you can enjoy the peace and relaxation of the cool waters in the comfort of your own home? Crowded sandy beaches with swooping seagulls, rowdy volleyball players and There are a few things to consider before diving into the deep end such as what style of pool […]

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Health Benefits of Hot Tubs in Ottawa

Soaking the body in hot water has clear health benefits for us, a tradition far rooted in our past. In Japan, people have been visiting hot springs for the past 1300 years. In the west, the Romans have built monumental bathhouses as a place of relaxation and de-stressing. And how did we adapt this for […]

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Common Salt Water Swimming Pool Problems, And What To Do About Them

Many people dream of owning a beachfront property overlooking the ocean, and who can blame them? Taking a dip in the sea is not only fun and relaxing, but is much better for your skin and easier on your eyes than spending some time in a traditional chlorinated pool. Installing a salt water swimming pool […]

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Swimming Pool Equipment Must Haves This Summer

We’re in pool season and having the right swimming pool equipment is essential in providing a clean and comfortable blue oasis for you and your family this summer. There are many different things you should consider buying when owning or purchasing a pool because having the proper equipment will make it easier to enjoy and […]

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