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in-ground pools Ottawa

A beautiful in-ground pool can be the first step, or perhaps the final addition, to making your backyard an outdoor oasis that your whole family can enjoy. When adding an in-ground pool to your property, there are several important factors to take into consideration.

    1. Fibreglass vs. Vinyl: In-ground pools can be built using fibreglass or vinyl. Both products have their advantages, but ultimately you should take your lifestyle into consideration. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance option, a fibreglass pool may be a better material for you. Vinyl, on the other hand, can look more aesthetically pleasing and usually comes in at a lower price point.


    1. The Swimming Pool Equipment: Your new in-ground pool will come with a lot of equipment, including the pump, filter and heater. The pool equipment should be kept in a safe area. An additional consideration is that pool equipment is often unsightly and noisy. Some common solutions for hiding your swimming pool equipment include keeping it in a shed or built-in chest, or concealing it with shrubbery, trees or flowers.


  1. A Secure Fence: The municipal government in Ottawa requires all swimming pools to be enclosed by fencing at least 5’ high. This is for the safety of others, especially small children, as well as a great way to preserve your privacy around the pool. Don’t forget to review all relevant City of Ottawa bylaws before beginning construction.


There are many companies in Ottawa that can help you build the in-ground pool of your dreams. A professional can help you choose the right material for your lifestyle, create a safe and inconspicuous place for your equipment, and ensure your property follows all bylaws.