woman sitting poolside

Which Pool Liner Is Right For Me – Vinyl, Fiberglass Or Concrete?

The Pros and Cons of Each Type of Pool Liner Having a new pool installed in your backyard is exciting. Still, the process calls for you to make a few important decisions. One of these decisions involves choosing the right liner for your pool. With a few materials to choose from, your liner may differ […]

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an old pool liner

When to Replace Your Vinyl Pool Liner

Knowing When A Problem is Fixable and When It’s Time to Kiss Your Old Liner Goodbye Your vinyl pool liner is one of the most important components of any pool, but the time will eventually come where you need to explore the possibility of having it replaced. How Long Do Pool Liners Last? The average […]

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close up of inground pool vinyl liner with bubbles

Top Considerations for Choosing a Vinyl Inground Pool Liner

With So Many Options to Choose from, Here are Tips for Finding the Best Liner for You and Your Pool When choosing a vinyl pool liner, the possibilities are truly endless. From colour and pattern to texture and thickness, you have the opportunity to customize your pool liner to your specific tastes. But how do […]

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woman in yellow bathing suit floats on a pool floaty in a vinyl-lined pool

Benefits of Vinyl-Lined Inground Swimming Pools

A Look at the Benefits of Choosing a Vinyl-Lined Pool Over Concrete or Fibreglass When building a new in-ground pool for your backyard, you have tons of options to choose from, which means making important decisions can be difficult without the proper knowledge. Concrete, fibreglass, and vinyl-lined pools all have their advantages. But when it […]

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