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above ground pools OttawaHaving a pool is a luxury in life that comes with a lot of responsibility. A pool is a great attribute to your property and your social life. But, without proper upkeep it can quickly become costly. Like any Canadian, the people of Ottawa have to endure the harsh winter months. Those cold winter days really make you miss your back yard oasis.  Extremely cold temperatures and water only means one thing – ice. When your pool freezes the walls contract and expand, affecting the whole structure. If your pool isn’t properly winterized it can result in costly damage. Follow these easy steps and reap the benefits of properly closing your pool.

Squeaky Clean

Ottawa is full of beautiful trees, but lots of trees mean plenty of leaves. Unfortunately, above ground pools in Ottawa act as leaf collectors. Rid your pool of all leaves, bugs and debris before you prepare it for old man winter. Leaving debris in your pool can stain the liner and leave your water looking murky next spring. Nobody wants to swim in a green pool.  Finish it off with a quick vacuuming, this will ensure your pool is looking sparkling clean next spring.

Pure Chemistry

Test your water to ensure that your calcium hardness and pH levels are balanced. There are specialists that analyze chemical levels in above ground pools in Ottawa. Balanced chemical levels mean clear water and happy swimmers.

Get Low

Lower the water level below the skimmer and output. Neglecting to do so can create major problems. An advantage of above ground pools in Ottawa is that you can disconnect the pump and pipes rather easily and safely store them away for winter.

Not a Drop

If you don’t want to do it yourself, hire a professional to clear all the water out of your pipes. These experts have the technology and skill to complete the job properly. Leaving any water in the pipes over winter can result in maddening damage. In addition to clearing your pipes they will seal off any valves and outputs properly and securely, leaving you free of stress.

Cover Up

Purchase a durable pool cover from your local pool experts. They offer a variety of covers for above ground pools in Ottawa. From your classic cover to your innovative safety tarps, they can accommodate. There are a number of experts that specialize in above ground pools in Ottawa. Don’t forget to remove all ladders from your pool, safety first!

A Step Further

If you really want to make your water shine in the spring you can purchase algaecides and winterizing chemicals from your local specialists. It’s not necessary but it won’t hurt.

There are various types of above ground pools in Ottawa; they range in size, material and quality. But, one thing they all have in common is that they bring joy to our lives. Take the proper precautions this winter and ensure your pool is ready for next spring’s good times.

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