Pool vs. Hot Tub

A Guide To Help You Decide Your Next Move The use of backyard swimming pools and hot tubs in Canada is rapidly rising— CBC revealed that 38,000 new pool permit applications were filed in the past two years alone! Many homeowners struggle with the decision between installing a hot tub or a pool on their […]

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Pool Safety Covers – FAQ

 Choose The Right One For You Unfortunately, the CDC estimates that 1 in 4 children die as a result of unintentional drowning. The risk of these tragedies can be reduced by investing in safety measures for your swimming pool. One of the best decisions you can make is to purchase swimming pool safety covers to […]

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pool cover rolled up at the end of an inground swimming pool

Why Do You Need A Pool Safety Cover?

And How To Use It During WInter Although warm temperatures may be difficult to think about right now, they will soon be on their way back and there’s no doubt that the perfect accessory to those hot and sticky days is a pool. While pools may be a fun way to refresh, having a pool […]

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Are Inground Pools Worth It?

And Just How You Can Benefit From Installing One? Did you know that more than 19,000 pool permits were granted across Canada in August 2021 alone? With more people choosing to opt for a staycation rather than travel, and temperatures getting ever higher, inground pool installation is in high demand. If you’re thinking about installing […]

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what you need to know about hot tub ownership

Hot Tub 101

The Beginners Guide To Hot Tub Ownership While owning a hot tub is a great luxury and an easy escape from stress, there are still a lot of important things to consider when it comes to upkeep and maintenance. Make the most out of your home spa with this guide that explains the basics of […]

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Common Pool Breakdowns And How To Fix Them

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting a Pool Did you know that swimming is the second-most popular summer sport in Canada, with 49 Olympic swimming medals? What’s more, homeowners in the country are continuously realizing the importance of having a pool. Owning a swimming pool can be a focal point to your fitness routine […]

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How to Take Care of Saltwater Pools in the Winter

Things Every Pool Owner Should Know Saltwater pools are all the rage in Canada, and for good reason. The water is softer and gentler than chlorine water, and the maintenance is easier. However, it’s still vital that you care for your saltwater pool properly, especially in the winter. Closing your saltwater pool for the colder […]

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Swimming pool equipment can make a big difference between a frustrating mess and a clean, ready-to-use pool.

A Beginner’s Guide to Pool Equipment

Maintaining Your Pool In Canada, it’s no secret that swimming is a beloved activity. As a sport, swimming has ranked high within most-practised sports for ages 18 and above. If you love swimming and you are looking to get a pool, it’s necessary to know all about the equipment and maintenance that comes with it. […]

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a woman under the water in her pool

Converting Your Swimming Pool to a Saltwater Pool: Is It Worth It?

Ottawa Swimming Pool Repair Specialists Dive into this Hot Topic The traditional swimming pool has a tendency to divide opinions—sometimes even within a single person! While the convenience and fun of owning your own pool is loved and envied by many, there’s also the issue of the chlorine. The way it irritates the skin, its […]

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Swimming pool with fountains

Pool Upgrades Every Pool Owner Should Consider

Small Changes That Will Transform Your Inground Pool Is your inground pool feeling a bit ‘blah’ and in need of a makeover? If you want to spruce things up a bit but are unsure of what exactly to do, we’ve compiled our recommendations for amazing pool upgrades that will make your backyard feel like a […]

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