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salt water swimming poolThere are a handful of swimming pools scattered around the City of Ottawa including outdoor pools located in Beaverbrook, Crestview, Glen Cairn, Genest, Bearbrook, Katimavik, and General Burns. However, you will generally need to pay about $2 for children and $5 for adults every time that you go and if it’s a crowded day the swimming might not turn out to be enjoyable at all. If you don’t have a choice you can utilize the City of Ottawa search tool on their website to track down which one of these pools is closer to you. However, you also might consider looking into the cost of installing your own swimming pool.
The best time to look into installing a swimming pool is right now because there is time to plan and budget for the pool during the spring and the installation can be completed before the summer swimming season begins.You also might want to consider getting any swimming pool repairs in Ottawa completed during this period too if you already have a pool for the exact same reason, so that when summer hits the pool will be ready for use for the entire family.

For those that need a pool, one of the most popular trends in the pool market in Ottawa right now is salt water swimming pools. This is due to the fact that slated pools are actually better for you in the long run and will also save you money. 

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No doubt you know how much chlorine can burn when you first step into the pool, and what a nuisance chlorine can be if you have to continually test and readjust the levels. What you may not know is that salted pools also require less swimming pool repairs and are much easier to maintain.
Upfront you might have to pay a bit for the installation of a salt water system versus the installation of a regular chlorine pool, but in Ottawa it is estimated that in about three months salt water swimming pools pay themselves off. Since you will not need to continually add any chemicals and they require less repairs than regular chlorine pools, once you pay the upfront cost you can sit back and just relax. Keep in mind thought that since salt water swimming pools are a new trend there are not as many qualified contractors to install and perform swimming pool repairs in Ottawa on salt water pools so make sure to carefully review the portfolio and experience of any company you are considering hiring.