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swimming pool repairs Ottawa

Have YOU Looked Into These Swimming Pool Repairs, Ottawa?

If conversation around the water cooler is anything to go by, residents of the National Capital Region have found this summer to be more wet than usual due to the high amounts of rain rather than the time spent in their pool. Curiously, this summer has also seen record high temperatures and the good news for pool owners is… there are more warm and sunny days ahead!

No matter how amazing it can be to refresh yourself in your own pool every day or to host your friends and family at your next pool-party, experts who work in the field of swimming pool repairs in Ottawa know all too well how important it is to prioritize safety around your pool area at all times.

For example, did you know that according to the Lifesaving Society of Canada, private pools are the number one cause of drowning in Ontario for children under 5 years old? No one wants to be a statistic, yet pool safety often remains a mystery to many pool owners.

Luckily, there is a variety of swimming pool equipment which are specifically designed to provide the most secure environment for children and adults when the pool season is underway—all without sacrificing any of the fun!

For instance, ask an expert in swimming pool repairs in Ottawa whether purchasing a new safety drain cover would be right for you. This piece of swimming pool equipment can simply and quickly eliminate the danger of a child or an adult’s hair or limbs getting trapped in your pool drain.

Another potentially life-saving accessory is the swimming pool alarm. There are a number of these on the market and all possess different functionalities. Specialists in swimming pool repairs can guide you in choosing the best alarm for your family’s needs and swimming habits.

Another great pool safety idea is to install an automatic pool cover which is incredibly easy to use when the pool is not in use. This will deter small children from wanting to play in the water when adults are not supervising the pool. You can also use manual covers as an alternative to purchasing the automatic version of this swimming pool equipment.

Finally, always ensure that an adult is supervising a young child even though he or she knows how to swim and never count on floating devices as a substitute for active supervision, as such devices are easily removable in a matter of seconds.

Swimming pool repairs in Ottawa should be easy, affordable and of the highest standard. Contact an expert today for some additional summer safety tips!