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During summer, salt water swimming pools in Ottawa allow you to cool off and feel refreshed. You may not know it, but this is due to salt water’s softening effect that leaves your skin feeling soft and clean.

Preparation for Summer

Spring is the time to do your swimming pool repairs in Ottawa as you wait for summer’s hot weather.

Check the pipe work and other equipment for any sign of corrosion or leaks. Inspect your coping, plaster, and pool surround and make sure they are in good order. If there are signs of deterioration, call in one of the companies specialising in swimming pool repairs in Ottawa to professionally reseal the coping.

Inspect your chlorinator carefully, removing any scale and debris from the plates. If the scale is difficult to remove, take the chlorinator to a company that does swimming pool repairs in Ottawa and ask them to clean it.

Measure the salt and chemical concentration in the pool water and calculate the saturation index, as if it is too low, the pool water could corrode exposed metal and the pool surround. If you have any doubts, let the supplier of salt water swimming pools in Ottawa service your pool.

The salt concentration should be between 2,700 and 3,400 ppm, so use a reference table to calculate how much salt to add. If the concentration is too high (unlikely), you will need to drain some water from the pool and top it up with fresh water.

Regular Maintenance

The advantage of a salt water pool is that you don’t need to add chemicals every day. But, you must measure the salt concentration, pH, free chlorine, alkalinity, and calcium hardness on a regular basis. As there are conflicting views regarding how often this should be done, a good idea is to start by checking once a week and then decrease the frequency until you need to adjust the chemicals. However, don’t leave it longer than once a month, and if you have storms or bad weather check more frequently.

The water filter needs to be cleaned from time to time; if is fitted with a pressure gauge, the pressure will increase when it needs cleaning. You will also be able to tell from the colour of the water when you back flush and you can adjust the cleaning frequency accordingly.

Salt water swimming pools in Ottawa will give you many years of enjoyment provided you take time to maintain chemical concentrations at the correct level.

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