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Closing Inground Pools in Ottawa Can Be Done both Safely and Smartly

swimming-pool-safety-coversWith the cold weather coming, chances are high that if you haven’t already closed your pool for the year, then you will be soon. But for owners of inground pools in Ottawa, there’s a strong case to be made for adding an extra layer of protection around your pool while it’s closed for the off-season. We’re talking, of course, about swimming pool safety covers—a safer, more secure alternative to the traditional pool cover. Here’s why you should consider going the extra mile this year:

What Makes a Safety Cover Different?

All swimming pool covers have one thing in common, and that is there primary function: to cover your pool (it’s in the name, after all!). This is to keep out debris, rain water, snow, ice, and more. How a safety cover differs, however, from a standard cover, is that it is also rated to be able to support a minimum weight on its surface. This is intended to help prevent accidents while the pool is covered.

Increased Safety

The unfortunate truth is that, every year in Ontario, around 20 children die as a result of drowning—and pool safety is a factor in the relative safety of children. By installing a swimming pool safety cover and using it properly (i.e. securely closing it when the pool is not in use for an extended period) you are decreasing the potential risk of drowning by unintentional immersion or other accidents in and around your pool area. If you own an inground pool in Ottawa, a safety-rated cover is a smart investment even if you don’t have children—pets, animals, and even adults will be safer with a cover in place that can support a minimum weight, particularly in the winter when the borders of an inground pool might be poorly defined.

With that in mind, however, we still don’t recommend knowingly standing or walking on your pool; increased safety is one thing, but absolute safety can never be guaranteed.

Additional Features

Swimming pool safety covers are available with a number of other features that make them not only the prudent investment, but the convenient one as well. For example, mesh covers are available, which will prevent moisture buildup on the top of your cover while simultaneously keeping debris out of your pool. This is because the mesh material allows water through the cover while blocking out twigs, leaves, and other debris—think of it like a giant strainer! Even solid covers that aren’t as drainage-friendly as their mesh counterparts can include pumps and drainage systems to help reduce water buildup.

Make the smart choice for your pool this off-season. Outfit your inground pool in Ottawa with a swimming pool safety cover.