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Swimming Pool Safety Cover

Every summer the swimming pool safety covers come off and happy people enjoy the refreshing sensation of going for a swim, however, the flipside to this picture is that, every year, an unfortunate and preventable drowning makes the news.  These often occur in locations where there are no gates to keep children back from accessing in-ground pools or where swimming safety cover are not used.  The good news is that you can keep you and your family safe by making a sensible and cost effective purchase at your local pool store or hardware store.

Swimming pool safety covers are essential to the fun summer experience because when the pool is not in use the cover keeps children and adults alike safe from falling into the water.  With customizable shapes and sizes there is no reason why every swimming pool should not have a safety cover – even if the pool is above ground a cover can help to limit the amount of debris that finds its way into the other pristine water.

Another factor that is often not spotlighted by the media is the fact that swimming pool safety covers can also prevent your beloved family pets from going for an impromptu swim.  While some dogs seem to be half dolphins others just do not pay enough attention to their surroundings when they are chasing that pesky squirrel.  No one wants the family dog, cat, or hamster to try to combat the depths of the family pool because they neglected to buy a cover.

Pools are part of a memorable summer experience – and many memories can be created when a pool is used properly.  Canada Day, late night BBQ’s, and other parties are always better when there is an opportunity to cool off from the heat of the day but when it is not being used a pool must be verifiably safe.  Most covers come with a warranty or a guarantee of sorts that should help put your mind to rest when making your initial cover purchase.

So, when you are making plans to buy a pool make sure you factor in your need for a cover because it is essential to having a safe pool.  Even if you feel that you will always be safe think of your nieces, nephews, your future children, or your grandchildren – think of others.  Be safe and make the right choices – buy a swimming pool safety cover.