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hot tubs ottawaWhen buying hot tubs in Ottawa, we aren’t necessarily thinking about moving it in the future. In fact, many people don’t know that a hot tub can be moved at all.

Why should I move my hot tub?

The reasons behind why hot tubs in Ottawa are moved are because the house has been sold, a new owner has purchased the hot tub, or it has been bought second-hand.

What are the potential problems that can arise?

Moving a hot tub can seem easy, however if it is not done properly, damage can be done. Although the acrylic is quite thick, it can be cracked during the move. Another common problem when moving hot tubs in Ottawa is the plumbing can be forced and can either break or come unglued.

How do you move a hot tub?

First of all, the hot tub needs to be unplugged by a certified electrician, and the water emptied. The amount of people needed for the move will depend on where the hot tub is situated, its size and how accessible it is. If the hot tub is in a deck, the move will be harder than a hot tub on a platform or base. It is important that the space provided to access it is wide enough to get the hot tub in and out; without this the hot tub cannot be moved. Make sure that all of the equipment is secure, as you don’t want wires tripping people or pieces falling out. The hot tub will be transported on a dedicated trailer to the predetermined location, where it will then be placed on an appropriate base.

Who should move my hot tub?

Although you might feel that you are able to move it yourself, you are going to have to make sure that your moving equipment can hold the hot tub. There are many trailers that are not made to transport them. A hot tub is also quite heavy (weighing upwards of 800 pounds), so you will need many people to help. There are many hot tubs specialists in Ottawa with the proper equipment who will move your hot tub in all confidence.

What do I need to tell the movers?

It will be important for you to have some specific information before calling your hot tub movers. You will also need to provide information about the hot tub, including its size. You must measure the width of your yard where the hot tub will be installed.. Your mover and specialist of hot tubs in Ottawa will also need to know what the hot tub is sitting on currently (deck, patio stones, specific spa base, etc.), as well as what kind of base it will be going on.