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Follow these tips to expertly entertain your guests, and avoid potential swimming pool repairs in Ottawa

swimming pool equipmentThe first signs of summer are finally upon us, and temperatures are steadily rising. It’s prime time for pool parties, and lucky for you and your family, you had a beautiful swimming pool installed last summer. You’ve purchased all of the necessary swimming pool equipment, taken care of the swimming pool repairs that Ottawa residents are accustomed to seeing following a harsh winter, and you’re looking forward to finally hosting your friends and family and putting your pool to use.

The problem is, as a new pool owner, you don’t know where to begin. A successful pool party depends not only on great snacks and a cohesive theme (although those are important too), but on the proper functioning and maintenance of your pool and swimming pool equipment. Here are some tips to ensure that your first pool party goes off without a hitch!

Refresh your guests

I know that we said refreshments weren’t the most important aspect of a pool party, but they are important. If you ensure that you have plenty of food and delicious beverages, you’ll be on the right track. Try serving refreshing foods that are easy to eat poolside. Fresh fruit, such as watermelon or berries is a good choice, and popsicles are always appreciated by guests. A pool party is also a great opportunity to barbecue!

Keep your guests entertained

Making sure that you have good music and plenty of games can go a long way in ensuring the success of your pool party. Supplying your guests with ample toys and accessories can also help to keep them entertained. Look into purchasing a volleyball or basketball net, or keep the kids entertained with fun diving games!

Keep it clean

No one wants to swim in a dirty pool, so make sure that your swimming pool equipment, including your pump and your filter are working properly before your guests arrive. Don’t cut any corners! Use a brush to clean the walls of your pool, vaccuum thoroughly, and skim any leaves and debris out of the water. You should also make sure that the chemicals are properly balanced; an overly chlorinated pool will put a serious damper on the mood!

Keep it temperature controlled

In the same way that no one wants to swim in a dirty pool, there aren’t many people who would be happy about swimming in a freezing cold pool, nor would they want to swim in water that’s too warm. This is another instance in which you should be sure that your swimming pool equipment, specifically your heater, is working properly.

Keep it safe

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, keep things safe! Be sure to establish strict rules about diving, and keep a close eye on any small children. If splashing results, be sure to mop the water up to avoid slips and falls. Not only will these rules ensure the safety of your guests, it will eliminate the potential need for swimming pool repairs in Ottawa following your party.

Your friends and family can now expect the party of the season! Have fun, and remember, if the party gets out of control, and your pool gets damaged, rest assured that you can contact your expert in swimming pool repairs in Ottawa the following day.