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Get your pool supplies in Ottawa and liven up your summer with these hilarious floaties!

These Fun Pool Supplies Will Improve Your Pool Experience This Summer

Eye-catching inflatable pool floats have been trending on Instagram this summer. From tasty foods to vibrant animals, there are many fun designs available to relax on and liven up your pool. Whether you want a float for yourself or the kids, here are the 6 top pool floats to look for when shopping for pool supplies in Ottawa.

Have fun with this everything bagel floatie!1. The Everything Bagel

For a hilarious spin on the traditional round-tube pool float, try the Everything Bagel. This design is sure to make you smile with its everything-toppings on one side and an all-white (cream cheese, perhaps?) side when flipped. Use the bagel solo or attach it to another bagel slice to enjoy with a friend. And if bagels aren’t your thing, opt for a traditional sprinkle donut, or a pretzel!

2. The Pizza Slice(S)Have fun with this pizza floatie!

Have you ever dreamed of lounging in your pool on a slice of pizza? Probably not, but this fun, colourful float will certainly give you something to look forward to when it comes time to relax in the pool. The Pizza Slice pool float has two drink holders for your convenience. You can also attach other pizza slices to float around with a friend. Connect all eight slices, and you will have an entire pizza! If you’re looking for a dessert to go with your pizza, try a slice or two of Cherry Pie floats.

Have fun with this flamingo pool floatie!3. The Flamingo

A giant pink flamingo floating in your pool is a classic image of summer. This timeless tropical design is popular among pool floats, along with its avian relatives—the giant black swan and the colourful parrot. These giant birds are large enough to comfortably lounge on solo or share with a friend.

4. The Beer MugEnjoy this beer floatie!

Enjoy a cold one while floating on a giant beer mug. This novelty float is perfect for beer lovers. With a drink holder and an ice chest on the side, you won’t run out of brewskies anytime soon. For another fun float with an ice chest, check out the Root Beer Float.

Enjoy this seashell floatie!5. The Seashell

The Seashell is another timeless aquatic design that will add some flare to your pool this summer. The Seashell Island Lounger floats are large enough for two or three people to enjoy. These pretty shells also have drink holders on each side for added convenience.

6. The Rubber DuckyHave some fun with this duck floatie!

You’re never too old to have a rubber ducky—especially a giant one that floats in your pool. This ride-on float is ideal for kids to float around on for extra pool fun. Other fun ride-on floats include: dragons, dinosaurs, turtles, dolphins, and lobsters.

These pool floats will certainly add some fun and relaxation to your days spent in the pool. Visit your local Ottawa pool supplies store to browse even more fun pool floats and make the most of your pool time this summer.