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From Keeping Clean to Keeping Covered, These Are the Accessories You Need

What’s better than owning a hot tub in Ottawa? Being able to deck out your tub with the best accessories—ones that truly enhance the experience—sure is a good feeling! From tools to help keep it clean and in good shape, to safety features that let you use it worry-free, to fun add-ons that just make things that little bit more enjoyable, there are plenty of great accessories for your hot tub or spa that take your experience to the next level. Here are some of the best:

LED Lights

Many models will come with built-in LEDs, which may seem decorative but are actually perfect for a safe, secure nighttime soak! However, if they aren’t quite getting the job done, you can supplement these with additional LED lighting to illuminate your way. You may also be able to modify them with coloured lenses to create a specific mood or ambiance.

Steps and Rails

Most people install their hot tubs in Ottawa at the edge of their patio, or integrated into it. As a result, different people end up with their tubs at different heights relative to the surrounding ground. When there’s a steep step into your tub, don’t leave anything to chance—invest in either steps, a rail, or both to assist people as they climb into and out of the spa.

Cleaning and Purification

Some models are described as self-cleaning, but whether you have one such tub or not, you should still be taking the time to clean your tub and purify the water. The must-have accessories include a water-testing kit for checking the pH, alkalinity, and chemical balance of your water, cleaning products, and filter cleaners. Oh, and don’t forget to replace the water filter as often as is necessary based on how often you use your tub!


No, we’re not advocating that you take a nap in your hot tub! However, if you enjoy taking time to relax while in your tub—especially after a strenuous workout or a long day—then a special pillow designed for your spa can actually help lend some serious back or neck support. These are waterproof pillows, usually with suction cups on one side so they can be attached where they’re needed.


Just like a swimming pool, your hot tub needs a cover for various reasons. They keep out dirt and debris (not to mention rain and snow) when the tub’s not in use, saving you time, effort, and supplies in cleaning. They also conserve energy by keeping the heat in, keeping the costs low. A perfect cover fits securely and should be easy to secure, easy to lock, and of course, easy to remove when it’s time for fun!

You can find the perfect accessories where hot tubs in Ottawa are sold.