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Keep Your Pool in Pristine Shape with These Tips from Ottawa Pool Repair Specialists

The choice to install either in-ground or above ground pools in Ottawa is never one taken lightly. There are a lot of factors to consider for each, and both come with their own advantages, risks, and complications. Your household likely chose an above ground pool because it was right for your home, with less hassle for the installation and just as much potential for fun.
When it comes to maintenance and swimming pool repairs, Ottawa specialists will remind you that the best way to extend the life of your pool is to keep on top of maintenance issues as they come up. But there is no way to prevent every problem, and of course the biggest risk for owners of above ground pools in Ottawa is leaking.

Leaking is often a result of structural damage, and that damage can happen year-round, whether your pool is open for the summer months or closed and winterised. By knowing how to catch leaking early on, you can prevent more serious damage to your pool.

Where’s the water going?

Your pool is going to lose water, so don’t panic immediately if you notice that the water level is slightly lower. Depending how many people use it at once and how boisterously they’re behaving, a certain amount of water is always splashed out of the pool. Evaporation can also cause you to lose as much as an inch of water on a particularly hot day.

If you begin to experience unusually high levels of water loss, then it’s time to look closer. Check your filter first. Are there any wet spots on the outside of the filter, skimmer, or any connected hoses? A leak in the filter is often easily remedied.

Next, check the liner and the exterior of the pool. Check for visible tears in the liner, especially in well-worn areas like the pool ladder. If you can’t find any, but you’re still losing water, you may have many microscopic tears. In this case, call your local provider of swimming pool repairs in Ottawa immediately.

Winter Leaks

Even once they’ve closed their above ground pools, Ottawa residents must still be vigilant about maintenance issues. In the cold Ottawa winter, frozen water and accumulated ice and snow on top of the cover are inevitable. But if left unchecked, they can irreversibly damage your pool. By using an air pillow, you can prevent the layer of ice forming on top of the water from putting pressure on and cracking the frame. You should also lower the water lever to below the skimmer, so that it doesn’t collect ice which can cause it to rupture.

Try to keep a thick layer of snow and ice from collecting on your cover, as this can put pressure on the top of the frame and cause leaks that won’t be fixable until summer returns. If you notice your pool cover sinking, untying it can relieve some pressure and reduce the risk of permanent damage.