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Which Style Will Work Best For Your Needs?

An average of 389 pool and hot-tub-related drowning deaths occurred each year between 2017 and 2019 in children under the age of 15.

Something that can help prevent these accidents are hot tub covers. Not only can investing in hot tub covers keep you and your family safe, but they can provide many other benefits as well!

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of hot tub covers?

Keep reading this guide for everything you need to know about the perks of hot tub covers.

Clean Is Key

One of the benefits of investing in a hot tub cover is that it keeps your hot tub clean!

When you are soaking in your hot tub, the last thing you want to deal with is dirt and debris in your water. If you don’t have a hot tub cover, you may find that things like dirt, leaves, and twigs can get blown into your hot tub.

You may also experience issues with bugs and other pests. This makes balancing your water more difficult. Hot tub covers keep your hot tub sealed to ensure that the water inside your spa is always hygienic and ready to use.

This way, you can enjoy your hot tub whenever you want without having to clean out the debris with a skimmer or vacuum.

Saving You Money and Time

Investing in covers for hot tubs will also save you time and money!

First, hot tub covers help improve heat retention. If you don’t have a cover, heat can easily escape, which will lower the temperature of your hot tub. Your hot tub will have to work harder to regulate its temperature. Meaning that you will spend more energy trying to get your water to the right temperature.

With a hot tub cover, you will find that your hot tub is better insulated and doesn’t get cold over time. This will save you money on your monthly energy bills!

Hot tub covers also prevent the water from evaporating from your hot tub. If the water evaporates, not only will you have to fill your hot tub with more water, but you will also have to adjust the chemicals.

Restoring the pH of your hot tub can be time-consuming and expensive. By reducing the amount of water that evaporates, your hot tub will always be balanced and ready to use.

Protecting Your Tub

Another great benefit of hot tub covers is that it protects the inside of your hot tub!

While hot tubs may seem durable, the internal casing of your hot tub is quite sensitive. If it is left exposed to the elements, it can result in cracks and other types of damage. Plus, other internal components in your tub can be damaged by exposure to the elements.

A hot tub cover will also cover the controls of your spa to ensure that it isn’t damaged.

A hot tub cover also protects from poor weather. Sometimes the elements can be harsh on even the toughest materials. But by getting a hot tub cover, the delicate parts of your tub will be kept out of harm’s way.

Different Types of Hot Tub Covers

While all hot tub covers offer similar benefits, there are many different types that you can choose from. Learning more about each of the options can help you choose the right one that suits your needs.

Here are the most common types of hot tub covers you can choose from.

Soft Covers

The first type of cover you can choose is a soft cover. Typically, this is made with some type of vinyl fabric that is durable and can withstand outdoor elements. The soft covers have fasteners that allow them to stay in place.

Because these covers are less bulky, they will typically cost less than other types of hot tub covers. However, it is noteworthy that they do not seal the heat as well.

Hard Covers

Hardcovers are the most popular type of hot tub covers. They come equipped with a durable hard top and are made with a similar vinyl material.

They have a foam core and a hinge, which makes them a sturdier, better insulating option. This is the best option for hot tub owners that want to make sure their spa remains at a steady temperature while saving on heat.

While hardcovers provide great insulating properties, they can be heavier and may require multiple people to lift them.

Aluminum Covers

Aluminium covers are very heavy-duty and long-lasting which makes for a great investment.

They are made from aluminium plates that surround a styrofoam core. Since they are made of metal, they can be quite difficult to put into place. It’s important to keep in mind that if you have an aluminium cover, you may need to invest in a hot tub cover lifter.

Automatic Covers

Finally, you can invest in an automatic hot tub cover. This type of hot tub cover allows you to use a high-quality, bulky hot tub cover without forcing you to lift it yourself. Instead, you can simply turn a key and your hot tub cover will automatically remove.

This makes automatic hot tub covers a great option for hot tub and pool safety, as it keeps people out of the hot tub if they don’t have supervision.

The Takeaway: Invest in Hot Tub Covers With a Hard Top

Hot tub covers with a hard top are a great investment for your outdoor hot tub or spa. Not only do they keep your hot tub clean and protected, but they can keep you safe! Do you need help finding a cover for your hot tub?

Poolarama can help! We offer premium products and services for pool and hot tub owners in Canada. We’ll help you find the right hot tub cover for your needs.

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