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Answers to Your Common Hot Tub Questions

Canadians are used to long, cold winters. We’ve gotten used to dealing with the snow, embracing the short days and fighting the harsh winds, especially in Ottawa. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a warmer winter experience to look forward to?

Well, there is one thing that could make for more bearable winters in Ottawa: hot tubs.

Sure, hot tubs are mostly thought of as a summertime treat; lounging in a hot tub on a warm summer night is a lot of fun. However, relaxing in a warm hot tub can be even better when the temperature dips below zero.

I know what you’re thinking: winter must be too harsh a season for a hot tub to remain running outdoors, wouldn’t the plumbing freeze? The good news is that despite what people may think about hot tubs in Ottawa winters, it is not necessarily out of question.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about outdoor hot tubs in Ottawa winters that may help sway your opinion.

Won’t the piping freeze?

Yes. If you turn your hot tub off for long enough for that to happen. During winter somewhere as cold as Ottawa, hot tubs should be kept running. That is the key to keeping them operating without a hitch. Maintaining an optimal temperature will keep the pipes from freezing, since they’ll have warm water running through them constantly.

What about my energy costs?

The reality here is that it doesn’t cost that much more to heat a hot tub during the winter as it does in the summer. As long as you keep a good cover on it when it’s not in use, the hot tub will be insulated enough that all you’ll be paying for is maintaining that constant temperature. For pennies a day in hydro, you could always be enjoying your hot tub, Ottawa winter or not.

Should I keep my hot tub at a lower temperature to save money?

That, ultimately, is up to you – but consider this: maintaining temperature is less expensive than raising temperature. So, if you choose to keep your hot tub at 80 F and raise it to 100 F every time you want to use it, you’ll end up using more energy than if you maintained it at 100 F constantly.

Many hot tub owners in Ottawa who tried using their hot tub for just one winter have often kept using it year after year. There’s just something about steaming in a warm hot tub, surrounded by icicles, frost and falling snow that makes the season that much more enjoyable.