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Salt water swimming pools in Ottawa are not only confined to municipal installations or luxury hotels: homeowners like you are increasingly enquiring about the benefits of installing a salt-water pool in their backyard. Many who try swimming in a salt water pool, even only once, report an increased smoothness to the water, and less irritated eyes and skin.  Can there be more benefits? Read on to get to know how a salt water swimming pool can soothe and refresh you next summer!

How Much Does It Cost?

Swimming pools in Ottawa are as popular as ever and many homeowners are turning to salt water pools as an economically sound solution to maintain their pool. Beyond the initial installation cost, a salt water pool will save you money throughout the summer season as there is no need to purchase costly chlorine as a means to disinfect your pool.

Are Salt Water Swimming Pools in Ottawa Free of Chlorine?

One of the most common and enduring myths about salt water pools is that do not contain chlorine. What differentiates regular swimming pools and salt water pools is that a salt water pool uses a device called a salt cell (or chlorine generator) to make its own chlorine: therefore, every salt water swimming pool still does use chlorine.  However, most homeowners will choose to install a salt water pool as most swimmers prefer the smooth feel of the water, and as previously mentioned, they report less irritated skin and eyes.

Can You Taste The Salt?

No! The levels of salt in a salt water pool are inferior to both human tears and ocean water: the taste is not detectible.

How Do You Maintain A Salt Water Pool?

If your swimming pool is equipped with a salt water disinfection system, maintenance of your pool will involve adding salt to your pool water throughout the summer. The salt you add will dissolve on its own and, once passing through the salt cell, will generate chlorine. Salt water swimming pools still require regular readings and of course, regular maintenance such as removing debris before you and your family swim. The amount of salt you must add will depend on your reading. Experts are always available to coach you on how to properly care for your salt water pool!

Is there a better way to feel refreshed than a swimming pool in Ottawa? Enjoy the sensation of salt water on your skin and hair…  take the plunge!