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Salt water pool

And What You Need to Do When They Occur

Many people dream of owning a beachfront property overlooking the ocean, and who can blame them? Taking a dip in the sea is not only fun and relaxing but is much better for your skin and easier on your eyes than spending some time in a traditional chlorinated pool.

Installing a saltwater swimming pool is a great way to experience your own slice of paradise right in your own backyard: you can get all the benefits of ocean swimming without ever having to leave home.

However, saltwater swimming pools in Ottawa are not without their problems. While they might be less costly to maintain in the long run than a traditional chlorine pool, there is still regular maintenance that needs to be done and knowing what signs to look for will allow you to take action before problems develop. Most of the issues can be regulated with routine maintenance and help from a local Ottawa swimming pool repair company.

Here are a few of the most common problems that can come along with owning a saltwater swimming pool in Ottawa:

1. Pump failure

Every pool has a pump, and every pump has an expected lifespan. It is common to have to replace a pool’s pump every few years, but it can be more frequent with salt water swimming pool pumps. The salt content in the water can cause build up on the pump and its filters, causing it to jam up or stop working altogether.

An Ottawa swimming pool repair company will be able to help you predict the lifespan of your pool’s filter, give you advice on how to prevent salt buildup with regular maintenance and help you replace it when and if the time comes.

2. Corrosion

Salt is highly corrosive to many materials such as metal, wood, ceramic and more. This can mean that anything within a few feet of your saltwater swimming pool will suffer damage more quickly than it would near a chlorine pool.

Also, any materials used in the construction of your pool can take a hit as well. An Ottawa swimming pool repair company will be able to help you estimate costs and replace any corroded materials before it becomes a major issue.

3. Stains and scale

A common problem with salt water swimming pools in Ottawa, due in part to our weather, are stains and scale inside the pool itself. The high content of salt can cause a buildup of white flakes on tiles or pump filters (scale) or streak on any materials under the waterline (stains.)

These problems can be regulated with routine maintenance and a variety of treatments that local Ottawa swimming pool repair companies can help you with. Be ready to tell them about your current pool maintenance schedule so they can help you identify your pool’s needs and why the problem may be happening.

4. Cost

Saltwater swimming pools in Ottawa tend to need less maintenance than chlorine pools, but they can still be costly. Take advantage of local Ottawa swimming pool repair experts to help you navigate the best, and most cost-effective, options for your pool – after all, they’re there to help make sure your piece of paradise is as enjoyable as possible.