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woman sitting by swimming pool

Cold Canadian winters may make repairs to your Ottawa swimming pool unique

Swimming pools are a great addition to any home; they make it possible for you and your loved ones to enjoy hours of fun and relaxation during warmer months. But of course, they need to be cared for and sometimes you have to repair or maintain your pool. Whether you are thinking of putting a pool in your backyard or you already own one, you should know about the most common problems swimming pool owners face and what the experts say about getting the necessary about repairs done. If you live in Ottawa for instance, the issues you will face with your pool will be different than someone who lives in California. Different climates and weather patterns will mean different pool problems for pool owners. Pool experts in this area say these are the most common swimming pool repairs in Ottawa:

Pool Equipment

The experts say that most of the time, it’s the equipment that is the cause of trouble with swimming pools. The issue could be with the pool motor, heater, filter or the pump. Like any other pieces of equipment, these parts work hard throughout the warmer months to keep the pool clean, running and warm and typically need to be replaced every few years. Due to the cold winters in Ottawa, sometimes the culprit is actually the pipes that supply the water have cracked. If this happens, it’s a more serious problem and

Pool Liners

If you are in the market for a new pool liner and you live in Ottawa, you need to make sure that it can withstand some extreme temperatures. Sometimes newer pool owners make the mistake of thinking that because they do a good job cleaning and covering the pool for the winter, there won’t be any damage to the inside of the pool, but cold temperatures can harm the pool liner and more. Even with global warming, Ottawa winters can be brutal, so make sure your pool liner can withstand at least –40 degree weather! That last thing you want to find when you open your pool for the summer is a liner that isn’t functioning properly.
Pool surroundings

Another common repair made to Ottawa swimming pools is to the concrete that usually surrounds a pool. Concrete blocks or tiles can crack and break apart after a cold winter, and sometimes they just crack because they get old and start to break down. This may seem like a smaller issue, but you shouldn’t wait too long to repair it.