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Pool season in Ottawa doesn't have to stop when you want to save water.

Water Saving Strategies For Your Hot Tub or Pool

Water is one of Canada’s most valuable resources. Clean, fresh water is quickly diminishing around the world, making Canada a beacon of hope during these dry times. At this point in time, Canada still has a stable amount of fresh water to go around, so we should consider ourselves lucky.

As conscious and responsible Canadian citizens, we are all doing our parts – big or small – to help out the environment, and our water supply. One of the easiest ways to save water is with our hot tubs, and pools. Ottawa homeowners in particular enjoy these water filled luxuries every year, and no doubt wonder from time to time how much water is being wasted with every splash or drain. The amount adds up, but luckily there are a few strategies pool owners can use to conserve water.

Lower The Water Level

If you grew up with a pool, no doubt you were told as a child to quit splashing around, sending the water flying up and out of the pool. If you have children, you also know how hard it can be to tell your child the same thing. While you should continue to encourage less water-wasting play, lowering the water level in your pool can reduce the amount of water that gets tossed out during rambunctious play.

Cool It Off

Nothing quite compares to enjoying a cool body of water when the sun is beating down. But that sun also contributes to evaporation. When a body of water is heated, evaporation occurs much quicker. By lowering the temperature in a heated pool or hot tub you can slow down this process, reducing the need for regular refills.

Cover It Up

Speaking of evaporation, another way to slow down this natural process is to cover your pool when it is not in use. Pool covers also keep dirt and leaves from falling in, and helps prevent algae growth that causes us to clean and replace soiled water.

Outside The Pool

Not all water conserving strategies are done inside the pool. By giving your pool a thorough check-up inside and out for leaks can help conserve gallons of water that would have been otherwise wasted. Depending on the water treatment used in your pool, the excess water being tossed out can be used to water a flower bed or surrounding grass; turning wasted water into useful water. Please note that chlorinated water or salt water can cause damage to some plant life, however. 

There are many ways to conserve water and still enjoy your pool and hot tub. Ottawa homeowners don’t need to get rid of these fun summer pastimes, but it helps to be a little more conscious of their use and care. Water is a wonderful thing, and should not go to waste! Use some or all of the above strategies to conserve this precious resource today.