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The Pool Is Open—But Do You Have the Right Equipment?

Opening your pool is just one step towards making it ready for a great spring and summer. Pool ownership comes with responsibilities, and there’s a right tool for every task involved in carrying out those responsibilities. Like a carpenter, having the right tools—and knowing that each one is in working condition—is a must. Otherwise you may find yourself rushing out at the last minute for a new brush or filter, or even putting it off altogether. Here are some of the most essential pieces of swimming pool equipment you should have in working condition before the swimming season begins:

Pump & Filter

You’ll likely discover just how well your pump is working while you open the pool, as you begin the water circulating. A healthy pool pump is a sign of a healthy pool, and if yours seems a bit the worse for wear, a brand new, pristine pump is never a bad investment. You should also start the season with a fresh filter. Remember, sand filters are cheaper, but need to be replaced more often, while a Diatomaceous Earth filter is longer-lasting and keeps more contaminants out of your pool water.


The most common pool vacuums attach to your telescopic pole, and are available in different varieties that match different types of pools, such as concrete or vinyl-lined. However today you also have the choice of automated pool vacuums that learn the shape of your pool and clean it while you sleep. The choice is yours!


Always better to be prepared! A fully-stocked inventory of pool chemicals never goes amiss, including your chlorine, balancing agents, and of course water chemistry testing kits. If you want to cut down on maintenance, you could always convert to a salt water system—this innovative piece of pool equipment constantly maintains an ideal water chemistry by deriving natural chlorine from salt.


If you have kids or pets and you haven’t already invested in a pool alarm, there’s no time like the present. You can set it up on the gate leading to the pool or even at the pool’s edge to register anything above a certain weight entering the water.


Is your old pool brush looking worn out, with bristles scattered haphazardly about? It’s time for a new one. Remember that while stainless steel brushes are great for concrete or plaster, they could be a death sentence for a vinyl pool.

The Rest

Your set of swimming pool equipment should also include skimmer nets, leaf rakes, and more. Owners of concrete pools can benefit from using a pumice stone to clean stains, while a tiled pool may require a small, handheld brush and special tile cleaner. If you’re unsure of the specific needs of your type of pool, never hesitate to ask a professional.