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long swimming pool cover

Discover The Various Benefits of Safety Pool Covers

Most people will tell you that they have no regrets getting an above ground pool. They are relatively easy to assemble, install and maintain. They will bring hours of enjoyment for your family and neighbours during sunny summer days. The delights of your backyard blue aqua oasis are as close to the tropics as you will get in the province. Children parties, neighbour parties, family afternoons, cocktails, appetizers and a barbeque in your own backyard, then a dive into the cool water to beat the heat. A fun, splash-filled delight for both children and adults await you every summer!

Whether you want to cover your pool for the offseason, while on vacation or other times when it is unused, there are three main reasons to invest in swimming pool safety covers.

1. Keep your children and pets safe

Pools can be a source of much curiosity for children, whether or not you are supervising them. Children need to learn early on that the pool is off limits unless it is directly supervised by you during pool time. This rule needs to be made clear and reinforced. Whether your pool is 3 feet in depth, 5, or 9, a small slip in the water can result in unforeseeable circumstances. The security of knowing the pool is covered safely and tightly with a custom cover will help you sleep better and relax. Now that is a relief! Animals can be unpredictable at times and even more curious than our children. Without adequate grips in the pool, they risk drowning. You can avoid any of these risks by sealing tightly your pool with a safety pool cover.

2. Keep your pool clean over the swimming season

Debris like leaves, twigs, water bugs and rain can dirty your pool and give you a headache cleaning it all up. A rainstorm over the weekend, where surface water can leak into your pool, can affect the quality of the water in your pool the next day. This also means that you will use fewer chemicals to clean your pool; the watery eye and itchy skin effect can be minimized. Your pool can always be ready to be enjoyed time after time.

3. Improve the look of your pool in the offseason

Not only will your pool not collect seasonal debris or precipitation, it will fit much nicer with the rest of your outdoor space with swimming pool safety covers. Most meshes, whether solid or vinyl, are strong enough to withstand heavier weight; some owners even use the mesh to position d├ęcor to fit the surrounding of the new season like rock sculptures. Now that is sleek and stylish! One of the greatest advantages is that you will not need to clean your pool when the season begins again. All debris will brush off the mesh easily. Your pool will simply be ready for enjoyment. This will save you time and money. Nothing to worry about except enjoying your time by the pool!