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Hot tubs Ottawa

Soaking the body in hot water has clear health benefits for us, a tradition far rooted in our past. In Japan, people have been visiting hot springs for the past 1300 years. In the west, the Romans have built monumental bathhouses as a place of relaxation and de-stressing. And how did we adapt this for modern accessibility? The invention of the hot tub.

Hot tubs in Ottawa are great for entertaining—whether you’re looking to unwind and de-stress with a serene soak in a hot tub or want to invite some friends round for a few brews in the tub. Regardless of what your main use for your hot tub will be there is no denying the benefits it can have for you. Listed below are some of the most commonly cited benefits and ways for you to improve your hot tub and keep it in top shape so you can get the most out of your hot tub for years to come.

Circulation Stimulation

One thing experienced from hot tubs in Ottawa is increased circulation. When your body’s temperature is elevated, your heart works a lot less. After all, the heart is designed to pump blood depending on the body’s surroundings. Blood pressure also lowers because heat causes blood vessels to open up. In combination, these two effects help to stimulate your circulation.

Chronic and Joint Pain

When we’re in water, our bodies float. When in a hot tub, this also happens, taking the weight off the joints in our body. With the lowered pressure, the joints in our body can relax and are more comfortable. Based on this principle, hydrotherapy has been developed from using water for pain relief. Some therapy exercises even include the use of a hot tub.

Muscle Relaxation

Heat loosens up muscles, which is why athletes use heat pads to recover from their injuries. Heat also causes dilation of your blood vessels, which lessens pain. One feature of hot tubs in Ottawa is (of course) their heated water. The heat you experience from the water can relax and loosen your muscles.

Swimming Pool Accessories in Ottawa

While it is true that health afflictions occur, this is due to improper maintenance and neglect of the hot tub. Unfortunately, warm water is an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. The last thing you want is to spread infections from the hot tub. Swimming pool accessories in Ottawa are important for maintaining the hot tub, so you can enjoy the hot tub safely.

Common Safety Measures

Two swimming pool accessories in Ottawa to consider are chlorinators and test strips. Chlorinators are used to treat and disinfect the water from bacteria. A good method to check for proper water parameters is by using test strips. Test strips are convenient and easy to use. Simply dip a strip in the water, and different colors will appear to indicate the chemical balance of the water.