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Don’t Pack It In Just Yet – Here’s Why Hot Tubbing Should Be a Year-Round Activity!

As spring turns into summer, you may be looking at your hot tub and thinking it’s time to pack it in for the season. Well, think again! Believe it or not, soaking in your hot tub does not necessarily need to be reserved as a cool-weather or winter activity. Just because the temperature is on the rise, there’s no need to retire your hot tub until things cool off again.

There are so many amazing health benefits to soaking in a hot tub, no matter the time of year. This article will explain what these health benefits are, along with other additional benefits of keeping your hot tub running throughout the summer.

Health Benefits of Hot Tub Use:

Improved Sleep

Most hot tub owners have relaxation in mind from the get-go. But if you struggle with insomnia or other sleep problems, you may not have realized that a good long evening soak can actually help you catch some much-needed z’s! It can be hard to sleep in the heat of the summer, especially on those extra humid nights. Plus, the buoyancy and warmth of the water will work wonders on your sore joints and improve circulation after a long day of outdoor summer activities.

On the more scientific side of things, even more benefits will begin to kick in after your hot tub session. The warm water will have naturally raised your heart rate, so after getting out your body temperature will drop and your heart rate will slow. This happens to be your body’s natural preparation process for sleep – so by the time you get snuggled into your pyjamas, you’ll be all ready for an amazing night’s sleep.

Recover from an Injury

Research has shown that 30 per cent of injuries in Canada happen during the summer months – which makes complete sense! You’re out there living your best life and soaking up the hot weather, and accidents can happen. So, if you’ve experienced an injury and you own a hot tub, you’re in luck.

Soaking in a hot tub can actually help speed up your recovery process, especially for soft tissue injuries like strained or bruised muscles. You’ll be able to perform those dreaded rehabilitation exercises with much less pain, thanks to the buoyancy of the tub. Meanwhile, the soothing bubbles and warm water will help with circulation and improve your range of motion. So, don’t forget to turn those bubbles up high!

This goes without saying, but you should always consult with your physician or physiotherapist before hopping into your hot tub after an injury – and your hot tub should never replace prescribed medical care, only compliment it!

Arthritis Relief

We mentioned that hot tubs could be great for improving circulation thanks to the warm, bubbling water. One of the most common ailments associated with bad circulation is arthritis. Although arthritis flare-ups are often brought on by damp, rainy weather, people suffering from certain types of arthritis like osteoarthritis or inflammatory arthritis actually say hot summer weather can trigger a flare-up, as well.

By soaking in your hot tub for just twenty minutes a day, you can significantly reduce the force of gravity on the affected joint. It can also help decrease inflammation, swelling and greatly improve your range of motion. To give your hot tub session a little extra kick to keep you feeling pain-free all day, try doing some light stretching while you soak.

Reduced Blood Pressure

Did you know that your hot tub can actually keep your blood pressure in check? This is great news for heart disease patients, who often struggle with maintaining healthy blood pressure in the hot summer weather. As your body attempts to radiate heat, high temperatures plus high humidity cause more blood flow to the skin, which in turn requires the heart to beat faster and harder.

A quick 15-minute soak in your hot tub can provide the same benefits as using an exercise bike, lowering your blood pressure and improving blood circulation. Just to be safe, consult your doctor to find out if this is a good option for you before trying this type of therapy out.

Blood Sugar Regulation and Weight Loss

Diabetics, rejoice! Studies have shown that soaking in your hot tub for just a few minutes a day can actually simulate the beneficial effects of exercise on the body, including lowering your blood sugar. Believe it or not, patients with type 2 diabetes who soak in a hot tub for 30 minutes a day experienced a reduction in blood sugar levels by about 13 per cent.

If that sounds unbelievable, wait till you hear that hot tubs can even assist with weight loss! Soaking in hot water on warm summer days helps you sweat out that extra water weight. People who use hot tubs can actually lose up to 2.5 pounds – just by relaxing!

Reduce Chronic Pain and Muscle Tension

Hot tubs are one of the most effective sources of hydrotherapeutic healing, especially in the summer when sufferers of chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia tend to struggle with pain management. It’s more difficult to manage and reduce pain levels when you’re feeling tense, or are experiencing muscle tension. This is why a good long soak – or even a short, 30-minute hot tub session – can make all the difference. Soon you’ll be feeling relaxed and ready to face whatever the day may hold.

Stress Relief

The warm, relaxing feeling of a good long hot tubbing session is not only good for your body, but also for your mind. For many people, summertime can be stressful at work and at home – especially if you have a house full of rambunctious kids who are high on summer vacation!

Using your hot tub can greatly reduce your stress levels by stimulating the production of serotonin, oxytocin and all those feel-good chemicals that keep you feeling chilled out and ready to make the best of the summer season. Plus, reduced stress can improve your mental and physical health and also promotes a general feeling of well-being.

Additional Benefits of Hot Tub Use During the Summer Months:

Great for Entertaining

Take your parties to the next level this summer by offering your guests an ice-cold drink while they soak in the hot tub. A hot tub is a great draw for any party, no matter the time of year! Soon you’ll be the most popular person in your neighbourhood. Hot tubbing is a great way to bond with your family and friends while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere – and maybe even some great BBQ along with it!

Stay Warm During Chilly Evenings

Just because summer days can get quite toasty, that doesn’t mean it won’t cool down quite a bit during the evening. These are the nights when you’ll be extra glad you decided not to put your hot tub away for the season. You’ll be able to stay warm and cozy while you relax and unwind before bed. When you’re done, Make sure to cover your hot tub, as insulating it will prevent heat seeping out and conserve energy.

Can Help with Allergy Symptoms

For those of us with summer allergies, we know that a sore throat, burning eyes or runny nose can really put a damper on those summer vibes. Although it’s impossible to avoid bugs, pollen and other allergens during a season when it’s impossible to resist spending time outdoors, we can still curb those pesky allergy symptoms with a soak in the hot tub.

Hot water and steam are a natural solution to many allergy symptoms! The steam will take care of your runny nose and sore throat, while the warm water will elevate your body temperature to fight bacteria.

Cool Off Using the “Cool” Function

Not many people are aware that many hot tubs come with a “cool” function, which is perfect for those blistering hot summer days. If it’s simply too hot to deal with hot water and steam, why not turn your hot tub into a mini pool? Most hot tubs will allow you to turn the temperature down to at least 85 degrees. This is perfect for the kids, who will have a fun-sized pool to play in while you can easily supervise them!

The Takeaway

Instead of packing it away for the season, try putting your hot tub to good use this summer. Whether you need to wind down after a long day of summer activities or you’re looking to take advantage of the many health benefits your hot tub has to offer, a hot tub is a great year-round addition to your outdoor space.