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Making sure your salt water pool lasts without needing repairs 

Swimming Pool Repairs OttawaMany homeowners are switching from traditional chlorine to salt water pools for various reasons. But just like salt wears down cars and roads, there may be some effects of salt water on the pool itself. As long as you know how to properly care for your pool and the possibility of needing swimming pool repairs by Ottawa pool professionals, you can still have peace of mind knowing you made the right choice.

Instead of adding chlorine at regular intervals to keep the water sanitized, salt water pools convert salt into chlorine and pump it into the pool through a chlorine generator. Salt water swimming pools in Ottawa still have some chlorine, however it reduces the need to add more chlorine into the water by hand. The water in the pool is turned into salt, also known as “sodium chloride.” Then through electrolysis the chlorine generator filters the salt water and turns it into just “chloride,” or chlorine.


If you start to see a white, flaky-like substance around your pool, then scaling is occurring from the salt water. Any kind of container that holds water, such as hot water heaters or cooking pans will eventually encounter natural scaling. Problems arise with salt water swimming pools, Ottawa homeowners will see, when the scaling builds up in the chlorine generator. This can affect the longevity and effectiveness of the generator to produce chlorine, wear down the areas around the pool and lead to potential swimming pool repairs. Ottawa pool owners should make sure the generator is clean, use acid cleaner or have a salt water swimming pool Ottawa professional look into the issue.


The original design of a pool may be a factor when it comes to corrosion damage. A pool that was converted into a salt water pool may suffer from corrosion as the original design may not have been built to protect against corrosive materials. Salt is generally rough on concrete surfaces and concrete pools may need to be re-plastered more often. Ask a swimming pool repair specialist in Ottawa, about corrosion inhibitors. Homeowners who are building a new salt water pool from scratch should know which materials in the pool, as well as edges and structures, can hold up to salt. For example, use brass railings and anchors instead of metal or steel.

Replacing the generator

Ottawa owners know the luxury of having a salt water swimming pool comes with some investment. Although salt water pools are a bigger up-front investment, they will save money throughout the years thanks to the fact that you don’t have to purchase chlorine and chemical additives.

There is still also the possibility that the cell, the part of the chlorine generator that converts the salt, may need replacing. A replacement cell generator will cost a few thousand dollars. To properly maintain the system, clean it out regularly, keep calcium levels low and maintain a consistent salt level. Don’t turn the chlorine level up too high or clean it too often or the generator will run too much and might die sooner which leads to more swimming pool repairs on Ottawa pools.