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Ottawa Swimming Pool Repair Specialists Dive into this Hot Topic

salt water swimming poolsThe traditional swimming pool has a tendency to divide opinions—sometimes even within a single person! While the convenience and fun of owning your own pool is loved and envied by many, there’s also the issue of the chlorine.

The way it irritates the skin, its all-too-familiar smell, and the cost and time spent restocking chlorine, checking chemical balances, and shocking the pool. If these things are too bothersome for you, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a private pool in your future. Thanks to salt water swimming pools, there’s now a more comfortable, lower-maintenance option. Straight from the experts on swimming pool repairs in Ottawa, here’s what you need to know about salt:

How It Works

First, let’s clear up two potential misconceptions. Firstly, a salt water system will still contain chlorine, despite it not being added manually. But that’s okay because the second this it is added, it’s not strictly chlorine itself that causes the infamous irritation and smell. How’s that? Well, it gets a bit scientific, but here goes…

In a swimming pool, chlorine is used to disinfect any human waste that finds its way into the water (e.g. urine, saliva, sweat). This process creates chloramines, which are formed when free available chlorine reacts to amines found in human waste. Chloramines produce the familiar smell and cause irritation—the higher the ratio of chloramines to free available chlorine, the worse it gets (making it necessary to shock the pool when it gets bad enough). Salt water swimming pools, on the other hand, converts salt into chlorine, creating a steady supply that reduces the formation of chloramine in real time, so that your pool is always more comfortable.

Other Benefits

Salt isn’t the only chemical advantage to these unique pools. Traditional pool chlorine contains additives that also contribute to causing irritation, and without these, you’ll enjoy a much gentler swimming experience. In fact, you may find your skin feeling quite soft after taking a dip, as opposed to dried out.

If you install your pool with a salt system in mind, there is also considerably less maintenance. The chlorine generator does most of the work for you, you just need to keep an eye on the levels occasionally. If you convert a traditional pool, be sure that the lining you use is salt-resistant, or else you may find it becoming corroded over time. Of course, your Ottawa swimming pool repair specialists are always willing to help.

Full disclosure here: salt water swimming pools cost more money upfront. The chlorine generator, which converts salt into chlorine, is more technologically complex than the components of a traditional pool, and will add to the price. That being said, you will save money in the long run when you are performing maintenance less often (and buying fewer jugs of chlorine). It’s a trade-off: for a higher initial cost, you have a lower total cost of ownership. If you are interested in what salt can do for you, contact a swimming pool repair and retailer in Ottawa today.