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When it comes to swimming pool repairs Ottawa pool owners need to know a thing or two before diving into work.

The Basics of Swimming Pool Liner Repairs and Maintenance

With pool season right around the corner, it’s time to start making any necessary repairs to get your pool ready for summer.

One important part to keep an eye on is the pool liner. Pool liners keep your swimming pool’s structure protected from water. Liners also provide that attractive blue appearance of pool water.

To avoid leaks in your liner this summer, consider these tips for pool liner maintenance. And book your swimming pool repairs in Ottawa before the busy season starts.

Pool Liner Maintenance

If you take proper care of your pool liner, it will look great and stay in good condition for longer. Here are the two main ways to care for your pool liner and extend its life:

Maintain Water Chemistry

Keeping your pool water balanced will protect your liner from damage. Make sure to test the water regularly throughout the pool season using a water test kit at least once a week. The following are the balanced water chemistry levels to aim for:

  • pH should be between 7.2 and 7.6;
  • Total alkalinity should be at 80 to 100 ppm;
  • The chlorine should be between 1.5 and 2.5 ppm; and,
  • Calcium hardness should be at 200 to 300 ppm.

If any of the chemistry levels are unbalanced, treat the water to bring them to their ideal level. Unbalanced water leads to algae and bacteria growth, scaling, and swimming pool repairs.

Safely Clean Your Pool & Liner

Since some debris can cause tears in the liner, make sure to remove debris on a daily basis with a pool net. Also, try using a pool vacuum to clean dirt and debris that have settled and accumulated on the liner.

Don’t use harmful chemicals to clean the liner. These can actually cause damage, which, in turn, leads to liner replacement.

Only drain the water from your pool when you are replacing the liner. Otherwise, leave water in your pool to protect it. A pool liner can become ruined without the protection of water.

Pool Liner Replacement

If you discover a tear or other damage to your liner upon pool opening, it’s best to leave the replacement to the pros. They will measure your pool and help you choose a new liner for installation.

Pool liners usually come in two thickness choices: 20 gauge (or mil) and 25 gauge (or mil). The thicker 25-gauge liners tend to last longer. They have a better warranty because they are less likely to tear and experience damage.

The type of liner you choose will depend on your pool type and your preference for colour and patterns.

Pool liners for above-ground pools include:

  • Beaded liners
  • J-hook liners
  • Overlap Liners

These liners come in several patterns for you to choose from.

In-ground pools use vinyl liners that are durable and resistant to algae, UV rays, and extreme cold. These liners also have many designs to choose from.

Pool liners are essential for your pool, but they can be damaged. So take care of your liner and replace it as soon as you notice any tears.

Contact the experts of swimming pool repairs in Ottawa for help with your pool liner replacement before the pool season is in full swing.