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5 Essential Ottawa Spring Maintenance Tips to Reduce Future Swimming Pool Repairs

Now that the snow has melted, the sun is shining, and you can start to feel the promise of hot summer days it’s time for some spring maintenance. Properly caring for your pool whether, it’s above or inground, will help you make the most of the warm weather to come with family and friends. Here are five essential spring maintenance tips so you can mitigate future swimming pool repairs in Ottawa.

Test the Water

Testing the water is a very important task and should be done as soon as your pool is opened. This will give you a benchmark for any chemical changes you make. Keeping your pool at the proper pH can prevent the growth of algae, and other harmful organisms so your friends and family can safely enjoy a dip in the pool.

Adjust Chemicals

Getting the right chemical balance in your pool water will increase the lifespan of the pool, keep swimmers safe, and prevent harmful reactions. It’s common when you first open your pool to shock the water. This is when you use a larger amount of chemicals than normal to treat the water.  If you are regularly testing the water you will be able to adjust the chemicals as needed to create a safe swimming environment. This process takes time so make sure you start in the spring so you can enjoy your pool in the summer.

Check the Pool Pump

The pool pump circulates the water through the filtration system and back into the pool. You can easily avoid a costly swimming pool repair and extend the lifespan of your pool by inspecting the pump in the spring. Look for any cracks, off colouring, leeks, and other signs of general wear. This will give you peace of mind in the summer and avoid a surprise break down.

Replace and Inspect the Filters and Drains

Make sure all the filters and drains are free of debris and function properly before the pool weather starts. You don’t want to wake up on a beautiful day and look outside to see a green, dirty pool. Most filters should be replaced or washed at the start of every new season.

Cleaning the Pool Water

This seems like a no brainer but sometimes people rely on the skimmers and filters in their pool too much. This puts unnecessary strain on the piping, pumps, and filters in the swimming pool risking repairs later on. In Ottawa with ice, snow, leaves, and other debris finding its way into your pool you can’t be too careful.

Make sure you take the time this spring to properly clean and inspect your pool. In Ottawa, swimming pools face the elements all year round and by taking the time to maintain it you can avoid costly repairs. This means your pool will be ready for you when the summer weather comes.

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