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These Pool Supplies Will Get Your Pool in Perfect Shape for The Upcoming Warm Weather and Ease Maintenance All Summer Long

With the pool season right around the corner, you should be planning to get your pool ready to use in time for the warm weather. To ensure that your pool is clean, safe, and ready to use, these essential pool supplies in Ottawa are worth using with your pool prior to and during the pool season:

Pool Covers

Pool covers prevent dirt, debris, insects, animals, and pollen from getting into your pool during the off season and when your pool isn’t in use. A pool cover will save you from needing to do a major cleaning once the warm weather arrives. Swimming pool safety covers are also excellent for keeping your kids and pets safe and your pool clean when not in use.

Pumps & Filters

Keep your pool water clean and circulating with a pump and filter system. By circulating the water, the pump prevents the water from becoming stagnant and hospitable to bacteria and algae. The filter will help to clean out debris that will inevitably fall into your pool when it’s uncovered.

Chemicals & Test Strips

Pool chemicals will prevent bacteria and algae growth, and also help maintain a healthy pH balance in the water. By testing your pool water with test strips and bringing a sample to your local Ottawa pool supplies retailer for a water analysis, you can determine how to effectively treat your pool water so it is ready in time for summer.

Cleaning Tools

If you properly clean your pool prior to use throughout the summer, you won’t have to worry about dirt and debris build-up. The following are essential swimming pool cleaning tools that every pool owner should use:

  • A pool brush to clean off deposits along the sides of the pool;
  • A skimmer (net) to clean debris such as leaves and insects from the water surface; and
  • A pool vacuum to clean the bottom and other hard to reach parts of your pool.

These pool supplies are handy to have so you can easily keep your pool clean with little maintenance throughout the pool season. Don’t spend all of your time cleaning your pool in the hot weather. Get these pool supplies in Ottawa so you can spend more time swimming, staying cool, and relaxing in your pool this summer.