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Cozy in-ground swimming pool with waterfall

Check out these hot trends for pools in Ottawa this year and consider adding a few to your pool

Sprucing up a pool and backyard area, even if it’s with a simple addition, can enhance how you experience your outdoor living space. If you are like most pool owners in Ottawa, you will want to make the most out of the warm summer weather and enjoy every minute outside and in your pool. The following are pool trends for 2017 that can enhance your experience. One great thing is that many of these enhancements can be found at your local Ottawa pools retailer.


Barbecues continue to be a popular backyard trend adding to the entertainment and dining value of a backyard and pool area. Fire pits are becoming increasingly popular for those that live in areas that permit them. They add a nice ambiance for people to enjoy around the poolside.


Pool owners are adding ledge loungers—in-water chairs along the edge of their pools—so they can enjoy bathing in the sun and in the pool at the same time. Tanning ledges are also becoming more popular since they are reminiscent of pools at resorts.


Whether you want to turn on lights in and around your pool, adjust the water temperature, or turn on jets, you can now do so remotely with pool system automation apps on smart phones. These systems are also available for pool owners with in-home electronic personal assistants, using voice commands to easily control the backyard and pool systems.


To provide separation from the pool and other areas in the backyard, pool owners are opting for multi-level decks. Breaking up the pool area into multiple sections allows pool owners to enjoy different areas of their backyard while still having a view of the pool.


The backyard oasis with a tropical resort feel is a major trend right now. More pool owners are opting to turn their backyards into mini-resorts instead of paying for expensive family vacations. To give the ultimate resort feel, people are adding infinity pools (negative edges), swim-up bars, multi-level pools and spas, cooking and dining areas, living areas, lush vegetation, and mood lighting.


Although Ottawa summers tend to be very hot and humid, pool owners will add heating systems to their pools so they can enjoy their pools for longer (earlier in the spring to later in the fall) and during cooler summer evenings.


Dark pool surfaces not only make pool water look beautiful but they also retain more heat from the sun, so you can save on heating costs during sunny days.


By adding a variable-speed pump to a pool system, pool owners can save on energy costs and receive rebates from hydro companies for making energy-efficient upgrades and conserving energy during peak times.


With the advancements in LED lighting technology, pool owners can now choose from hundreds of different lights and colours for their pools. These lights set the mood for the pool area and backyard, making them a great addition for entertaining and enjoying evenings by the pool.

Whether you follow one of these trends, or many, you can make your pool experience that much better, and make the most out of your pool in Ottawa’s pool season.