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On ground pools are often the safest option, especially with swimming pool safety covers.

Why On-Ground Pools With Swimming Pool Safety Covers Are The Safest Type Of Pool

Having a safe pool means that there’s no risk of anyone falling in if left unsupervised. Although there are swimming pool safety covers to make all pools safer, on-ground pools are the safest when the safety cover is used. The following are some safety risks to consider when deciding on whether to install an above -ground, in-ground, or on-ground pool:

Above-Ground Pools

Above-ground pools are more difficult to fall into than in-ground pools, especially when there is a fence and locked gate around the pool. Above-ground pools pose a safety risk when they do not have a fence and gate, or are very high above the ground. A tall ladder along the outside of the pool can be dangerous to climb. Also, if the pool is high enough above the ground, kids can seriously injure themselves if they climb over the side of the pool and fall.

In-Ground Pools

In-ground pools are easier to fall into than above-ground and on-ground pools. It is also easier to slip and fall along the pool deck, especially if it is wet and kids are running around the pool. These slips and falls can be very dangerous, posing a risk for head injuries and even drowning, should someone fall into the pool. Installing a swimming pool safety cover is the best way to make your in-ground pool safe when not in use. When the cover is off, constant supervision is the key to pool safety.

On-Ground Pools

On-ground pools can be installed high enough on the ground so that kids cannot fall in when they are running around in the backyard. They are also often low enough that if someone fell out of the pool, they would not be seriously injured. On-ground pools can also have a fence and locked gate installed along the deck so there is even less of a chance for kids and animals to get into the pool if unsupervised.

Even though on-ground pools are the safest type of pool (as they minimize the danger of falling), all pool types can be safe if the proper safety precautions are taken. Swimming pool safety covers protect your pool from the elements year-round, while protecting children and animals from falling in. Safety covers are designed to hold a minimum weight so that kids and animals will not fall through the cover. Finally, the installation of fences and locked gates, along with constant supervision when the pool is open, will ensure that the pool can be a source of enjoyment for the family, and not a safety hazard.