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Salt water swimming pools are becoming more common for Ottawa pool owners - here's why.

How Are Salt-Water Pools Low-Maintenance?

As summer wraps up, many pool owners are secretly relieved. Pools are a great way to stay active and cool during the warmer months, but at what cost? While that may sound dramatic, those who own a chlorine-filled swimming pool understand the high maintenance upkeep that comes with it. Having to store and handle a plethora of chemicals, having to constantly test the water, or the lovely feeling of your hair being fried to straw by said chemicals. Every summer, many pool owners dream of an easier way to have their pool, and swim in it too.

That’s why pool lovers everywhere are switching to salt water swimming pools. Ottawa homeowners are making the switch to save time and money, spending more time relaxing (instead of maintaining) with these great, low-maintenance pools. While you’ve no doubt heard the buzz about salt-water pools, you may still be wondering what exactly makes them low maintenance. How different can they really be


The main reason salt-water swimming pools are considered low-maintenance is because of their handy chlorine generators. One of the biggest misconceptions about salt water pools is that they are free of chlorine. Every salt water pool comes with a chlorine generator which converts the salt (already contained in the pool water) into minimal, regulated amounts of chlorine. The pool automatically keeps itself sanitized without having to add heavy quantities of chlorine and other chemicals.

Bye Bye Chemicals!

Because you’re not adding a cocktail of chemicals to keep your pool water clean, you don’t have to constantly test and monitor the water. So instead of breaking out the test-strips every morning before a dip, you can dive right in without worry. No more spending time measuring and pouring just the right amount of this and that just to take a swim. Thanks to its self-cleaning properties, salt water pools save you time and space. When you purchase a salt-water pool, you can get rid of that nasty stash of harmful, space-consuming pool chemicals. No more worrying about storing and handling harsh chemicals all in the pursuit of summer fun.

There you have it—salt water swimming pools are low maintenance, inside and out. You can experience all the joys of owning a pool without the extra time and effort that comes with traditional chlorine swimming pools. You may have heard that salt water swimming pools are low maintenance, but now you know why.