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Salt water swimming pools Ottawa
Salt water swimming pools Ottawa

Salt water swimming pools in Ottawa are becoming an increasingly popular and fun choice for home owners who have discovered the benefits of naturally chlorinating their pool. Indeed, even one quick dip in a salt water pool has convinced the most infrequent swimmer: it’s refreshing, it leaves skin and hair feeling smoother, and it even leaves our eyes less irritated!

One of the most common questions asked by homeowners who are considering installing a salt water pool in their backyard relates to the required equipment needed to upkeep the pool at its optimal condition.

Are pH checks still necessary? How often will I need to add salt to disinfect the pool? Will I ever need to replace the salt cell of the pool in subsequent years?

Rest assured we have all those questions answered here! Welcome to salt water swimming pool equipment 101!

What Care is Vital  for Salt Water Swimming Pools in Ottawa?

The level of salt in your pool will be affected by the rainfall, which Ottawa will receive any given summer. The more rainwater in your pool, the less salt density will be left in the water. For this reason, your pool installation technicians will likely recommend a small kit which will help you monitor the salt content of your pool throughout the swimming season.

Just as traditional pool owners, you should also check the pH of your pool water, which might be slightly higher for water that is naturally chlorinated by salt water.

How Often Will I Need to Add Salt to the Pool Water?

It is generally advised that salt water pool owners add one bag of salt every season to the pool. The salt will quickly dissolve in the pool water and will then go through the salt cell device which naturally generates the chlorine element to keep your pool disinfected. If your checks reveal you have poured too much salt in your pool, simply drain a few inches of pool water and fill it again with fresh water.

It’s that easy!

Does the Salt Cell Need to Be Replaced?

A proper cleaning schedule and regular usage of your pool’s maintenance equipment will ensure your salt cell device to work perfectly for up to seven years. There are many salt cell devices on the market today and the most reputable pool professionals will advise you on how to make the best purchase possible.

Salt water swimming pools in Ottawa are an excellent way to refresh yourself and your family on those upcoming hot summer days, and maintaining your pool properly will always be easy with the help and advice of reputable pool service providers. You will quickly see how the upkeep is almost similar to a traditional pool maintenance routine. Why not plan your summer fun now? Contact them today to get started!