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Salt water swimming pools in Ottawa can help you relax and embrace a number of health benefits.

Switch to Salt Water for a Spa Experience at Home

With the weather getting warmer and the days getting longer, it is time to start planning for summer and all the time you want to spend outside soaking up sun by the pool. You know the benefits of having a home swimming pool during hot, humid summers as the cool water helps you relax and stay comfortable. However, chlorine pools can dry out your skin, irritate your eyes, cause allergic reactions, or damage hair and clothing. By comparison, salt water swimming pools in Ottawa are gentle on skin and swimwear, and could have greater health benefits than chlorinated swimming pools.

Fewer Chemicals, Younger Looking Skin

For those conscious about chemicals in or on their body, you should consider switching to salt water for your pool. The salt content of the poor water acts as a natural disinfectant that reduces the level of chlorine necessary to keep your pool water clean. Salt water can help with various skin conditions, such as eczema or acne. As a natural exfoliant, your skin will thank you as it is rejuvenated and moisturized. Say goodbye to red eyes and eye skin, and welcome the youthful glow of salt water.

Reduce Inflammation

Remaining active is important for everyone, but especially those who experience muscle and joint pain or inflammation. It is certainly difficult to remain active when experiencing pain or discomfort, but swimming is a low-impact activity that not only keeps you moving, but can relieve pain. The additional buoyancy of salt water can reduce pressure on aching muscles and joints, providing relief that will last long after leaving the pool.

Halt Premature Signs of Aging

Prolonged stress is known to reduce lifespan and increase signs of aging. Thankfully, a few laps in your salt water swimming pool can help melt away tension. Salt water feels softer on your skin, wrapping you in comfort and calm. It is important to take time away from the stresses of life so that your body can relax. Salt water pools can help promote the body’s natural healing processes, helping you feel refreshed.

Imagine the tranquility of your own spa experience at home with the fantastic health benefits of a salt water swimming pool. You will reduce stress, feel the difference on your skin, and have the peace of mind that you have cut back on chemicals in your environment. Come home to the luxury of salt water in your swimming pool and get the most from your investment!