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Swimming pool equipment can make a big difference between a frustrating mess and a clean, ready-to-use pool.

A Look at The Most Common Equipment and Items Used for DIY Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

To keep your pool clean and ready to use all summer long, it’s useful to have essential swimming pool equipment on hand. From cleaning leaves and debris out of the water to making sure your water is balanced and safe to use, there are common items that all pool owners should have.

With these items, you can easily clean and maintain your pool at any time and avoid having to delay enjoying your pool.

Must-Have Swimming Pool Equipment

For a pool to stay clean all summer long, you will need the basic swimming pool equipment that keeps pools running well. This pool equipment is necessary for your pool to run well, stay clean, and be safe:

  • Pool pumps circulate pool water through the filtration system and prevent unhealthy stagnant water;
  • Pool filter systems clean the water of dirt, debris, sediments, and contaminants;
  • Water test kits test the quality and water balance so you know what chemicals to add for safe water quality;
  • Pool chemicals, such as chlorine and algaecide, clean and balance the water, preventing the growth of bacteria and algae, and help prevent damage from hard pool water, such as scaling and mineral build-up;
  • Swimming pool safety covers keep pools clean and ensures the safety of children and animals when not in use; and,
  • Safety fences are also necessary to ensure the safety of children and small animals.

DIY Pool Cleaning Equipment

Keeping your pool clean and running well throughout the summer is easier if you have the right cleaning equipment available. For easy DIY pool cleaning and maintenance, consider having the following cleaning equipment on hand:

  • Leaf nets and leaf rakes, which easily remove of leaves and debris from the pool water;
  • Pool/tile brushes can scrub dirt, stains, and mineral build-up from the sides and bottom of the pool;
  • Vacuum hoses connect vacuum heads to skimmers that are used to clean pools;
  • Vacuum heads suck up dirt, debris, and sediments from the pool water and the bottom of the pool; and,
  • Automated pool cleaners make cleaning pools that much easier—instead of manually vacuuming pools, automated pool cleaners do all the work for you!

Pool cleaning and maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the right swimming pool equipment and you stay on top of taking care of your pool. Simple water tests and cleanings, running the necessary equipment, and using safety covers and fences can keep your pool clean and safe for an enjoyable pool season.