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Swimming pool equipment can make a big difference between a frustrating mess and a clean, ready-to-use pool.

Maintaining Your Pool

In Canada, it’s no secret that swimming is a beloved activity. As a sport, swimming has ranked high within most-practised sports for ages 18 and above. If you love swimming and you are looking to get a pool, it’s necessary to know all about the equipment and maintenance that comes with it. This guide will give you the complete answer to the question “What are the things I need to know before getting a pool?” Keep reading to find out what you will need to do and buy for your new pool.

The Importance of Proper Pool Maintenance

Swimming pools are a major investment more often than not. It is vital to maintain your pool properly so you can use it for many years to come. Without regular and proper maintenance, your pool is useless.

Pool maintenance comes in many different forms. You may consider making a monthly or weekly checklist to stay on top of your tasks. You’ll need to inspect, clean, and fix aspects of your pool regularly.

Must-Have Pieces of Equipment

Certain pieces of equipment are necessary to own to keep your pool beautiful and functioning. When you google: “things I need to know before getting a pool” many people suggest you buy the following items.

Water Testing Kit

Using a water testing kit is the best way to check your water’s Ph levels and make sure your pool water is balanced. Unbalanced pool water can irritate your eyes and skin and change the colour of your hair.


A skimmer is used to keep large debris out of your pool. When debris is left in the water unattended it can damage your filter. It is wise to habitually use a skimmer to clear any leaves, branches, and other items out of the water.

Pool Cover

Pool covers are a good way to keep debris out of your pool while it is not in use. Though, if you invest in a pool safety cover that is anchored to the ground, you can solve two problems with one action.

Pool safety equipment like safety covers reduce the risk of people and animals accidentally falling into your pool. The covers can support a lot of weight so it is unlikely that even a fully grown adult will fall through.


Pool pumps keep the water in your pool moving. Stagnant water can bring in bacteria, algae, insects and animals. Circulating water allows for pool chemicals to reach and sanitize every part of the pool.


A heater for your pool is optional. Yet, a heater will make it much more comfortable, especially if you live in a colder area. A good pool heater will heat water while it circulates and even allows you to control the heat.

Swimming pool heaters allow you to use your pool more often during cold mornings, nights, and months. It is a good idea to buy one if you want to get more use out of your pool.

Chemical Floats

Chlorine pool floats are small plastic devices that distribute chemicals into your pool to keep it sanitary. Most chemical floats have a twist-off locking lid for you to place chlorine tablets into as necessary.

Filtration System

Filtration systems filter and sanitize your water. Without one, your pool can quickly become hazardous. You do not want to neglect your filter. It is important to regularly clean its basket, so it may work properly.


Valves are another important tool so your pool water can circulate properly. Pool valves ensure that your water is running the right way through the filter and other components. Water running in the wrong direction is unhelpful.

DIY Cleaning Equipment

Many people choose to clean their pools themselves. If a pool cleaner isn’t within your pool equipment budget, or you simply have the time, doing it yourself is the right way to go.

Leaf Nets and Leaf Rakes

Leaf nets and leaf rakes are an essential part of regular pool maintenance. Leaves that fall into your pool can mess with the water’s Ph balance and are just unsightly. Keep your pool tidy with leaf removal equipment.

Pool/tile Brushes

Pool or tile brushes are the best way to scrub algae and other build-ups off your pool’s walls. If you have never owned a pool before you will be surprised how quickly pool walls become slimy with build-up.

Vacuum Hoses and Heads

A pool vacuum is a good thing to buy to get algae and other unwanted substances off the floor and walls of your pool.

Pool vacuums are not the same as automated pool cleaners. You must stay with and operate the vacuum during the entire session.

Automated Pool Cleaners

Before you begin installing a swimming pool you should decide if you want to invest in an automated pool cleaner. Automated pool cleaners are convenient because they can do your work while you sleep.

Tips for Maintaining Your Pool During the Summer Season

Maintaining your pool during the summer season is essential to use it all summer long. Follow these tips to keep it in shape.

  • Store your pool cover dry
  • Make sure you have all the necessary swimming pool equipment
  • Remove debris as you notice it
  • Test your pool water often
  • Run the pump more often
  • Hire pool professionals as needed

Each of these tips is important so your pool runs smoothly during use. Regularly skipping these tasks can lead to a dirty pool that is not safe for use. Protect your investment by keeping it clean and well-maintained.

I Know All the Things I Need to Know Before Getting a Pool

When you search: “things I need to know before getting a pool” you will find lots of results. Researching and buying pool equipment is an important step to take before having a pool installed.

As you look for equipment for your new pool, our expert staff at Poolarama are ready to help. We offer a complete line of pool equipment to get you started. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer.