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Swimming pool safety covers help keep debris out of the pool.

Protect Your Pool This Winter With A KAFKO™ Swimming Pool Safety Cover

KAFKO™ swimming pool safety covers are strong, safe, and specifically designed to meet the many different shapes and sizes of pools. These swimming pool safety covers come with a 20-year warranty and exceed safety regulations, so you, your family, and your pets can be kept safe from swimming pool hazards while also keeping your pool protected from the elements.

These custom-designed safety covers are installed to effectively cover your pool, keeping it safe and clean. Pool safety covers prevent debris from falling in (such as branches and leaves), algae growth from UV rays, and eliminate standing water that acts as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. When it’s time to open your pool again, you can spend less time cleaning your pool and more time enjoying it.

KAFKO™ swimming pool safety covers are available with the following design options:

Mesh Covers

  • Maxi-Mesh®—available in beige, blue, and green
  • Supreme Mesh®—available in green
  • Are lightweight and easy to handle
  • Supreme Mesh® is strong like a solid cover, but allows proper drainage of water through its material while keeping debris and sunlight out. This protection from UV rays prevents the growth of algae, meaning less cleaning will be needed before jumping in the pool.

Solid Covers

  • Dura-Weave® Feather Weight—available in blue and green
  • Super-Scrim® Full Weight—available in blue and green
  • Available with the EASE-A-DRAIN™ design that allows for proper drainage, preventing stagnant water from pooling on top.
  • Come with an optional pump to remove standing water

Both Mesh and Solid Covers Come With:

  • A 20-year warranty
  • Heavy-duty coil springs for easy installation, adjustments, and for ensuring a tight fit
  • Non-corrosive hardware
  • Anti-rub strips to protect your pool from marks
  • Strong interlocked and double-overlapped seams
  • Strong hems to avoid fraying at the edges
  • UV-resistant material
  • Optional Reduced Deck Mount™ System for installation around narrow pool decks

KAFKO™ swimming pool safety covers are strong, durable, and designed to last. Whether you have a small round pool or a large rectangular pool, these covers are custom-designed with your pool’s dimensions to fit securely around your pool. The tight-fitting covers will keep everything and everyone out, keeping your pool safe and clean.

Your choice in material will depend on a variety of preferences such as weight, ease of use, colour, and strength. Contact a pool expert for more information on which KAFKO™ swimming pool safety cover is best for you and your pool.