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Get your pool winterized with swimming pool safety covers.

From Swimming Pool Safety Covers to Winter Covers, Here’s a Look at the Best Type for Covers Your Pool in the Off-Season

To keep out leaves, debris, and other unwanted objects, pools need covers when they are not in use. Covers are especially important during the winter. How well you protect your pool during the long off-season will determine how clean it will be when it comes time to open it in the summer. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to choosing the right pool cover for the off-season, here is a comparison of the different types available.

Swimming Pool Safety Covers

If you want to keep your pool protected and safe when not in use, consider swimming pool safety covers. These covers are designed to withstand weight, so there is no risk of a child or animal falling into the pool when the cover is on.

Swimming pool safety covers come in two styles: solid and mesh. Solid covers provide excellent protection from debris and sunlight—the two main elements needed for algae growth during the off-season. Since water cannot pass through solid covers, these covers usually come with a drain and an optional pump. Mesh covers still protect pools from debris, but allow rain and melt water to seep through. This prevents the problem of water pooling on top.

Winter Covers

Like swimming pool safety covers, you can use winter covers year-round. These covers protect pools from debris, sunlight, and cold winter temperatures. But they are not easy to install and dismantle, so most people will only use these covers during the off-season.

Winter covers are also light and do not support weight, so you will need to securely anchor the cover around your pool. These covers are likely to sink into the pool from water buildup and won’t keep kids and animals safe from falling in.

Automatic Covers

If you have the budget for an easy-to-use swimming pool cover that offers protection and safety year-round, consider automatic covers. They will keep your pool warm and protected from the elements, while also supporting weight.

As a premium product, they are the most expensive type of pool cover and require professional installation. The vinyl material also needs replacement every five years.

When choosing swimming pool covers to withstand the harsh winter weather, consider these characteristics to find the best one for you and your pool. If you want to invest in a cover to use year-round, but you don’t want to go over budget, consider swimming pool safety covers to protect your pool, your kids, and your pets throughout the off-season.