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Maintain your swimming pool safety covers this season with our tips!

Protect Your Pool From Harsh Winter Weather With the Right Safety Cover Care

Just because you can’t enjoy your backyard pool throughout the winter season doesn’t mean you should neglect it. With the harsh winter weather Ottawa is experiencing, your swimming pool safety cover is likely suffering from a buildup of heavy snow and ice. Here’s what you need to know about clearing it off safely to protect your pool so you can enjoy it when summer arrives.

Appropriate Fit

When closing your pool for the winter season, make sure the swimming pool safety cover fits perfectly. If the cover is too big or too small, it may not fully protect your pool resulting in costly damage. Keep in mind that you will still need to adjust your pool cover through the winter to prevent sagging or blowing off. These issues can make your pool susceptible to damage and debris.

Cover Pump for Excess Water

The purpose of a cover pump is to remove excess water from the top of your pool cover. It’s important to install a cover pump and ensure it is in working order before winter arrives. If water accumulates, it will freeze, become very heavy on the pool cover, and end up causing damage.

Clearing Snow

A light dusting of snow won’t hurt your swimming pool cover, but a heavy buildup can damage the cover and introduce debris to inground pools or even collapse above ground pools. When you hear a snow storm is on the way, it’s time to be vigilant about pool snow removal. Use a long broom to sweep or push the snow off your pool cover and continue doing this to avoid snow buildup. Never use a shovel or any other sharp object to remove snow since this can easily tear and damage your pool cover. If the snow is light and warmer days are in the forecast, wait for it to melt and then use the cover pump to remove any excess water.

Eliminating Ice Buildup

When water freezes and forms ice on top of your pool cover, it can cause tearing or other serious damage to the lining of your pool. The best way to avoid ice buildup is to consistently and carefully clear it off the cover and to use the cover pump to remove excess water. However, when you encounter freezing rain or any major ice buildup, it is best to leave it until it melts. Do not try to melt the ice or break it up with a shovel as this can cause more damage.

Remember that maintaining your swimming pool safety covers through the winter will eliminate costly repairs and ultimately bring you months of summer enjoyment.