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Sun wearing sunglasses, reminding you to stay cool for summer.

Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Salt Water Swimming Pool

While Canada is known for harsh and bitter winters, we know that our summer weather can be just as extreme. As much as it’s important to stay warm in winters, Ottawa residents know how it is important to stay cool throughout the summer months. One of the best ways to do this is by jumping in a pool.

While owning a swimming pool is great, pool owners know the downsides as well. Swimming pools require a lot of maintenance when they are sanitized with high amounts of chlorine. If the chemical balance is off, you are left with one of two results: a dirty, algae filled pool – or scorching red eyes and irritated skin from excessive amounts of chlorine.

All the products required for pool maintenance and water testing can get pretty pricey. That is one of the reasons why chlorine swimming pools are being phased out for salt water swimming pools.

Ottawa residents are making the change and here’s why:

Maintenance of your Salt Water Pool

First and foremost, a common misconception about salt water swimming pools is that they are sanitized by the salt water itself. This is not the case. Salt water pools also contain chlorine, but a vastly smaller amount by using a generator that automatically converts salt into chlorine. This is why salt water pools are becoming so popular – they are extremely low maintenance.

While you pay upfront for the generator, you’re also paying for the luxury of a self-cleaning pool. Salt water swimming pools only require a deep clean once a year, which can be done when you are draining and closing it up for the season.

Easier on your Skin

Secondly, because there is so much less chlorine and pH-balancing chemicals, the water is a lot less harsh on your skin. With a salt water swimming pool, you won’t find your skin and hair fried after every use.

Speaking of chemicals, owning a salt water pool means NOT having to own buckets upon buckets of the chemicals needed to clean a chlorine pool. No matter how safely you store your chemical products, accidents and spills can happen. This can be a huge cause of worry for those with pets and small children. Changing from a chlorine-packed pool for a salt water system will get rid of all the chemicals, and the worries that come with them.

Owning a pool is fantastic for summer, there’s no doubt about it. Salt water swimming pools alleviate the stress of costly maintenance and the usa of harsh chemicals. If you want all the benefits and fun a swimming pool brings—without the extra effort—salt water swimming pools are the way to go. You’ll be the envy of your neighbours!