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Inground pools in Ottawa definitely need some cleaning to help ease the winter-to-spring transition.

How to Get Your In-Ground Pool In Ottawa Ready For Summer During The Winter-To-Spring Transition

With spring just around the corner, it will soon be time to open your pool. If you open your pool in the early spring, you will have less trouble cleaning it, and your pool will be ready to use in time for the first day of warm weather. For help with opening your pool, contact the experts of in-ground pools in Ottawa. They can help you choose the right cleaning supplies and repair any damages you might notice once the water has thawed. The following are tips for proper in-ground pool maintenance that you can start working on soon to ensure your pool is ready in time for summer.

Clean the Swimming Pool Safety Cover

If you have a solid swimming pool safety cover, it will need cleaning once the snow and ice starts to melt, and dirt, debris, and puddles start collecting on top. Make sure to thoroughly clean the cover to avoid getting any of the dirt or stagnant water in your pool.

Add Chlorine to the Water

Once the pool water thaws, add chlorine—one to two gallons—to kill any bacteria that may have grown throughout the winter. To add the chlorine, lift up a corner of the safety cover and pour it in. Make sure to do this as soon as you notice the water has thawed to avoid algae and bacteria growth.

Clean the Bottom of the Pool

Once you are ready to open your pool, you must thoroughly clean it. Dirt, sediment, algae, and debris may have formed at the bottom of your pool during the winter months. You can clean the pool using a pool vacuum. After, you can turn on the filtration pump system to further clean and circulate water.

If the Pool Water is Clean, Add More Chlorine!

The first chlorine treatment may not have done the trick. Sometimes it takes more than one treatment, plus algaecide, to get your pool water crystal clear. If you are having trouble clearing up the water, contact Ottawa in-ground pool experts for help.

Add Enzyme Products for Extra Cleaning

Enzyme products clean contaminants from pool water—other than bacteria and algae—such as dirt, animal droppings, pollen, and remnants of bather contaminants, such as sunscreen, hair products, deodorant, moisturizer, and makeup. Use enzyme products for additional pool water cleaning.

Keep an Eye on the Water Level

As the weather warms up, your pool’s water level may drop naturally with evaporation. You can fill it up with a hose whenever this happens. However, if you notice the water level dropping drastically, your pool may have a leak and will need repairs.

Remember to open your pool in early spring before the weather and water gets too warm, so you can avoid bacteria and algae growth, as well as clean and repair your pool in time for summer.