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How To Throw The Party Of The Year

There are many benefits of having hot tubs, including stress relief, muscle relaxation, and even improved sleep. Not only do hot tubs provide many benefits to homeowners, but they also provide the perfect solution for party planning!

Do you want to learn how to plan a hot tub party?

Keep reading these hot tub party plans for the top tips to follow when hosting your next get-together!

Let People Know What to Expect

One of the most important things you can do when planning a hot tub party is to let people know what to expect from your party. Make it completely clear that you are hosting a hot tub party.

This is because not everyone feels completely comfortable showing off their bodies. When they know what to expect, they will feel prepared or can avoid getting into situations that make them uncomfortable.

You can also let them know about other activities that you will do during your hot tub party. For example, you may only hot tub for an hour and then play some games with your guest. If this is the case, your guests may want to bring a change of clothes!

Keep It Clean and Set the Scene

You also want to make sure your backyard looks clean and tidy before your guests arrive! If you have any lawn equipment or debris in your yard, removing this will help you set the scene for your party.

You can also take steps to improve the aesthetics of your yard to prepare for an outdoor party! You may want to consider adding some twinkle lights to improve the ambiance of your yard. You can also set up a music system, seating, and other things to keep your guests comfortable.

Finally, you should have precautions in place in case something goes wrong. For example, having a gazebo or some type of covering over your yard will protect your and your guests if it rains!

Make Sure the Tub Is Spotless

Not only do you need to keep your backyard clean and tidy to prepare for your hot tub party, but you also need to ensure that your hot tub is spotless.

First, you can start by removing large debris from your hot tub. This includes things like leaves that may clog up your filter. You should also clean the shell of your hot tub to remove any scum or other grime that has accumulated.

You can hire a professional hot tub maintenance service to help with this step. They will help you clean your hot tub and adjust the chemicals if necessary. You can also avoid this step by investing in a self-cleaning hot tub to save yourself time and money for maintenance! Poolarama is always here to help!

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Pick a Theme

Next, you should pick a theme for your hot tub party! Having a theme for your party will always make it more memorable for your guests. It also makes it easier to choose your decorations, activities, and more.

Here are some ideas you can choose for your hot tub party theme.

Casino Night

One fun theme for a hot tub party is a casino night! You and your friends can place some fun bets, play some cards, and enjoy the evening in your hot tub.

All you need is waterproof playing cards!

Cocktail Party

A cocktail party is a simple theme that you can choose for your hot tub party. You can make a signature drink for your guests to enjoy!

You can even ask each of your guests to bring a different type of drink to the party. This way, you can enjoy your drinks while spending time in your hot tub.

Beach Day

Finally, you can do a beach day theme for your hot tub party. A tropical theme is something that everyone will enjoy and can make your party feel more like a vacation.

You can bring tropical plants near your hot tub, including fruity drinks, and more! Make sure you incorporate your decorations and accessories with this theme!

Have Extra Towels and Swimsuits

When you are planning a hot tub party, it is also essential that you have extra swimsuits and towels ready for your guests. Some people may not know if they want to get into the hot tub or will forget to bring their own swimsuit and towel.

If you are prepared for this, none of your guests will feel left out! Make sure you have a few clean swim towels and swimsuits so that everyone can enjoy your hot tub when they come to your party!

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Think About Those Who Won’t Be In

Finally, you must think about those that will not be getting into the hot tub. If you have guests coming that don’t want to participate in the hot tub, you should have other activities for them!

For example, you can have tables set up with board games, appetizers, or other types of food for them to enjoy while others are in the hot tub.

You should also think of seating options for these other guests. If you have patio furniture, you can arrange it near the hot tub so they can still be involved in the activities!

The Takeaway: Plan the Perfect Hot Tub Party Today

Planning a hot tub party doesn’t have to be difficult. By following each of these party ideas, you can be prepared for your next get-together and you will be sure to impress your guests.

Are you planning a party using your hot tub in Ottawa? Poolarama can help! We are Ottawa’s trusted hot tub supplier and provide self-cleaning hot tubs that will make your hot tub party even easier to plan.

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