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Woman swimming in a semi inground pool this summer.

What You Need to Know About Semi-Inground Pools and How They Can Work for Your Yard

While the most commonly known swimming pools are inground and above-ground pools, there is a third type of swimming pool that offers some of the best features of both types—semi-inground pools. These pools are also known as on-ground and semi-on-ground pools since they can be installed at various depths. Whether you have a large backyard or a cozy one, these pools come in different shapes and sizes to suit your backyard, landscape, and outdoor living space. Consider these features of semi-inground pools when deciding on what type of pool will work well for your yard.

Various Installation Depths

Since semi-inground pools can either be installed in the ground at alternative depths or entirely on the ground, they provide more options when it comes to installation costs and backyard design. These pools can be installed to suit your backyard landscape, and will even work well with various ground conditions—such as slopes, clay, sand, and gravel. And while inground pools often require the installation of retaining walls, semi-inground pools do not. These pools can also be installed to reach the height of your patio or deck to suit your backyard design and provide ease of access.

Choice of Shapes and Dimensions

Semi-inground pools come in various shapes, sizes, and dimensions to suit different backyard styles. Whether your yard is large or small, these pools can be ordered based on size, shape, and depth to give you the ideal pool for your backyard space and landscape. Semi-inground pools can be round, oval, kidney, or key shaped.

A Semi-Cheaper Option

While semi-inground pools are designed with the same durable steel panels that make up the structure of inground pools, they are often a less expensive option since they don’t require the same excavation and concrete costs for installation. Inground pools can start at $20,000 while semi-inground pools typically start at around $16,000. The cheapest pool option is above-ground pools, which can range between $4,000 and $12,000. Although above-ground pools are the cheapest pool option, they might obstruct your view of your backyard and landscape, and take away some of the magic from your ideal backyard getaway.

Semi-inground pools can also have salt water systems installed to help you save on chlorine costs. There are also energy-efficient pool equipment—such as variable-speed pumps—that will help you save more on energy costs during the pool season.

If you want plenty of options when choosing your ideal pool, consider semi-inground pools. You can have the best of both inground and above-ground pools, having a well-designed pool and yard and not having to worry about extra installation costs or sacrificing aesthetics.