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Closing inground swimming pools in Ottawa doesn't have to be hard. Here's what you need to know.

Tips for Closing Your Pool Before the Cold Weather Arrives

September is here, which means pool season is sadly coming to an end. Although you don’t have to close your pool just yet, it’s something you need to think of before the colder weather arrives. By closing inground swimming pools in Ottawa before the cold weather is here to stay, you can save on costly water heating bills and repairs from damage caused by below-freezing temperatures. You will also save yourself the headache of cleaning algae blooms come spring.

A recommended time to close your pool is around Thanksgiving weekend in October. Not only is this an easy date to remember, it also marks the end of warm days in Ottawa.

Fall Debris & Contaminants

Once the fall season arrives, the leaves start changing colours and falling off the trees. While this isn’t much of a problem in the early days of fall, come October, you will be cleaning your pool of debris often. Fallen leaves and pine needles can contaminate your pool and clog pool equipment like drains and motors, resulting in expensive repairs or extensive cleaning at the very least. To avoid the onset of natural fall debris and contamination in your pool, close it before it becomes a problem. You will also be glad you did come spring when your pool water is cleaner and has fewer algae blooms to get rid of.


As the temperature drops, especially at night, you will need to heat your pool water more often if you want it to be at a bearable temperature to swim in. The increasing need for pool heating will certainly increase your energy bills, so it’s best to close your pool at a reasonable time instead of paying the costs for extending your pool season. Once it gets too cold to swim, you are also taking the risk of having your pool water freeze.


An important part of pool closing is draining the pool so the water is below the skimmer. It’s also crucial to make sure there is absolutely no water in the equipment and lines. Draining is a necessary step taken to avoid the risk of equipment freezing and cracking resulting in costly repairs come spring. If you wait too long to drain your pool, not only will you have difficulty with the draining itself, but you will be putting your pool and equipment at risk for damage.

Although there is still some time left, remember to close your swimming pool in Ottawa before the cold fall weather arrives, preferably around the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in October. This is a safe closing time to prevent fall debris, high heating costs, and most importantly, the costly damage from below-freezing temperatures. Come next spring, you’ll be glad you closed your pool at a safe time, and you’ll be able to enjoy your pool without any headaches once the warm weather returns.